Can You Drug Test Urine From a Toilet?

Various circumstances may require your urine to be drug tested, whether for a job, court, or personal reasons. Drug testing instructions always want you to urinate in a clean container and then use the urine in the container as a sample. What about urine from the toilet?Can you drug test urine from a toilet?

The answer is NO; you can’t do a toilet bowl drug test. The main reason why it is not recommended is that the results will be skewed, and you won’t get accurate results.

Why You Can’t Drug Test Urine from a Toilet

Drug testing urine from the toilet generally is not a good idea. The results will definitely not be a correct representation of what is in your system. If it is the authority testing, you will have to retake the test.

Below are reasons why the results won’t be accurate:

Urine From a Toilet Is Diluted

The toilet water in the bowl will mix with your urine and dilute the sample. The results will give a false negative because the test can’t detect the right concentration of drugs in your urine. Also, the test may not detect any drug at all because the water has diluted the urine too much.

Urine From Toilet May Be Contaminated

Another reason urine from a toilet bowl may not give accurate results is contamination with other substances like soap, toilet bleach, or other toilet cleaning chemicals. These substances can affect the outcome of your drug test. The test will end up giving you either a false positive or negative result depending on the substance present.

The Right Way to Drug Test Urine

The best place to collect a urine sample is in a clean container that has no other foreign substances. You can use a clean plastic cup or a glass jar. You can also use a sterile container as an extra step.

If you are self-testing, ensure you strictly follow the instructions on the testing kit to get a reliable result.

Other tips for ensuring you get the correct results from your urine drug testing when self-testing include:

● If it is a dipping test, dip the kit at the required depth in the urine sample

● If it is a test strip, hold it in place for the amount of time specified in the instructions

● Compare your results with the pictures of the color chart provided by the testing kit

● Do not rely solely on the self-test kit results. If you are not sure of the results, go for a professional drug test.

Bottom Line

So, can you drug test urine from a toilet? The bottom line is that if you’re trying to test for drug use, do not use a urine sample collected from the toilet. Your results may not be accurate, and you could end up in legal trouble if it is the authority requesting the drug test. So, ensure you strictly follow the instructions for collecting the urine sample.

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