Do Amish Use Toilet Paper? 

To the average outsider, the Amish are a fascinating people. They are best known for their nonconformist lifestyle. The most conservative Amish make decisions about every facet of life, including their bathroom habits, based on their Biblical interpretation. And since toilet paper did not exist in biblical times, it’s only natural to be curious. Do Amish use toilet paper?

In this article, we’ll explore the Amish’ bathroom experience’ to help you get a better understanding of their culture. Read on.

Do Amish People Use Toilets? 

Yes, the Amish do have toilets. However, it’s likely not a traditional toilet you are used to in an Amish household. In most cases, the Amish employ outhouses and traditional buckets for toilets. Traditional toilets are generally uncommon in these communities. 

If there is a toilet, it’s likely the kind you flush by pouring water into it. Some communities have toilets with plumbing and septic systems, but they are outside the house. Their culture regards houses as sacred places.  

Amish houses are places of worship where they give birth, raise, and teach their children how to worship. If you are visiting an Amish community, you are more likely to encounter a communal outhouse when you have to go. 

How Do Amish People Go to the Bathroom? 

The Amish go to the bathroom just like everyone else. The only difference is that instead of indoor plumbing and toilets, they use outhouses or buckets. But what’s even more surprising is what they do with the sewage and wastewater. 

After the Amish go to the toilet, they collect all the waste from communal outhouses into buckets. Buckets of human fecal matter are treated with lime, mixed with manure, and then spread on their farms. Human waste makes for good fertilizer, and according to the Amish, burying it in the ground makes no sense when you could use it to make the land rich and fertile. 

Although this practice is frowned upon in modern society, the Amish believe it is integral to their lives and worship. Because of how they deal with poop, Amish populations across the country often find themselves at odds with state and county regulations

Do The Amish Use Toilet Paper? 

So far, we’ve learned that the Amish mostly use communal outhouses and buckets as toilets. What about after? Do Amish people use toilet paper? The simple answer is no; their religious beliefs eschew it. 

So, what do Amish use for toilet paper? They use a bucket of water to clean up after going about their business in the toilet. Cleanliness is an essential attribute for the Amish, despite what you may have heard. 

Not to mention Amish is not the only culture that emphasizes washing with water rather than wiping with toilet paper. The Muslims do this as well. Some may even argue that using water for self-cleaning is more hygienic after going number two.

How Does One Use A Toilet in An Amish Household? 

If you are visiting someone in an Amish community, you may be worried about going to the bathroom. So, what can you expect? Well, it’s hard to say exactly what to expect in terms of the bathroom experience. 

It all depends on how strictly your Amish hosts are living. Some Amish communities have modern bathrooms with toilets and running water, but most are outside the house. In the most conservative Amish households, you may have to use a traditional bucket. 

Whether it’s an indoor toilet or one of those communal outhouses we’ve discussed throughout the article, you’re not likely to find toilet paper in an Amish toilet. You may have to bring a bucket of water to flush the toilet and clean up after. 


As we wrap up, it’s important to note that Amish are not a monolith and the communities vary wildly. On the question of ‘do Amish use toilet paper,’ most don’t. Like many other cultures around the world, they use water to clean up afterward. 

As the old saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. A bucket of water can be a safe, effective, and hygienic way to clean up after relieving yourself. So, if you are planning to visit an Amish community, be prepared to give yourself a rinse after going number two. 

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