Do Guys Use Toilet Paper When They Pee?

Most people, especially women, often wonder if guys use toilet paper when they pee. The thing is, while some men do wipe themselves after peeing, most don’t. Many guys will shake and squeeze themselves dry and go about their business. But is this good practice? Should men wipe their fire hose after peeing, or shaking is just enough? Read on to learn more.

Why Don’t Guys Use Toilet Paper When They Pee?

Most men know that no matter the shaking and the squeezing, the last drop always ends up in the pants. Despite this realization, some men still don’t buy the idea of wiping after their business is done.

This is partly due to men’s cultural beliefs regarding this issue. ‘Bro code’ dictates that you can shake your joystick once or twice to get the remaining drops out. Shaking more than that will feel awkward if you’re doing that in front of others, especially in public restrooms. 

In fact, some men even consider the slight shaking to be unmanly and weird. Like a real man simply pees and throws his manhood back into the pants without any attempt to dry it. 

Usually, men who care about their cleanliness and wipe or wash their pee-pee after peeing are often met with weird glances from fellow men who do not subscribe to this practice. 

Another reason why guys don’t use toilet paper when they pee has to do with how the urinals are made. Urinal stalls in most western countries hardly have any tissues. Those that have tissues have unquestionable cleanliness standards that make it difficult for men to clean up after peeing. 

Do Guys Need to Wipe When They Pee

While most guys are used to just shaking after peeing, it’s good practice to always dab or wipe to ensure there’s no leftover urine. Cleaning up after peeing is a good practice for overall hygiene. For starters, you’ll keep your genitals healthy and also get rid of the odors caused by remaining urine droplets. As a bonus, your undies will also remain clean.

Remember, leftover urine creates some warmth and moisture that could invite bacteria to grow. Keeping the area clean and dry lowers the risk of bladder and yeast infections and also helps you avoid skin irritation. 

Advantages of Wiping After Peeing

As we have seen above, there are several advantages to wiping your private parts after urinating. Let’s look at these benefits in detail.

Shaking is Not Enough

While many men are used to shaking and going, it’s good to note that it’s not enough. A drop will still end up in the pants and make you wet and smelly. Shaking might also lead to you spreading urine across the urinal, the toilet, the clothes, the floor, or even your hands. But you can prevent all this mess by simply using tissue paper when you pee.

Reduces the Risk of Urinary Tract Infections

As we have established, no matter how much you shake it, a little drop of urine will end up in the pants. This drop of urine is embarrassing and can increase the chances of contracting urinary tract infections, jock itch, or yeast infections. So, using toilet paper when you pee is not just hygienic but will also help prevent certain infections.

Wiping for Religious Reasons

Some people wipe because of religious reasons. In the Muslim culture, for instance, you cannot pray while in an impure state. Islam insists on keeping the body and clothing clean, especially free from human and animal wastes.

Therefore, Muslims have to ensure their clothing is clean and has no traces of urine, feces, or seminal discharge before they go into a prayer session.

This is why Muslims use water to wipe themselves after visiting the toilet. In the case of pee, they can use toilet paper to dab themselves if water is unavailable. 

How Do You Clean Your Pee-pee After Peeing?

Now that we have established the importance of wiping after peeing, how then can you go about doing this? Here is how to wipe your joystick after peeing. 

1. Shake your cock to ensure any leftover urine droplets are emptied out

2. Gently wipe or dab any leftover droplets using soft tissue paper.

Do Men Always Pee While Standing?

Most men prefer to just stand up, unzip, and do their business. This is one of the advantageous physical characteristics men have over women. 

But do all men pee while standing? The answer is no; there are men who prefer to sit down to pass a leak. While this is an efficient, quick, and convenient way to pass urine, there are advantages to peeing while sitting for men.

First, you’ll be doing yourself and the people who will use the toilet after you a big favor, as there won’t be any splashing, which is unhygienic. 

For men with prostate issues, urinating while sitting down makes the process easier for the body. You’re assured of emptying your bladder completely, which means no embarrassing situations such as pee drips.

So, Do Guys Use Toilet Paper When They Pee?

No matter how much you squeeze it or shake it, there will always be the last drop that will end up in the pants. This could make you smell and also expose you to serious UTIs. So, why not use toilet paper when you pee? Yes, you’ll get some weird glances from other men who don’t believe in this. But you would rather have other men stare at your pee-pee than have people in the public glare at wet spots on your crotch. Besides, you’ll enjoy good health down there and never have to worry about smelly undies.

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