How Do Guys Sit on The Toilet?

Everyone goes! The need to urinate and poop is one of the things that ties all humans together. While we might not often talk about it, maybe we should. Proper bathroom etiquette is not only essential for disease prevention but also contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Men, too, go to the toilet. Sometimes they sit, and sometimes they do their business standing. It all depends on what they have to do when they go. Standing up usually for peeing, sitting for number two is the most common. Some guys even prefer to sit while they pee. 

However, the placement of the male anatomy can complicate things. Nobody wants their genitals constantly touching the inside of the toilet. If the water line is too high or the toilet too shallow, male parts can dip into the water when seated. 

Which raises the question, how do guys sit on the toilet? It’s a legit question and one that we’ll do our best to answer in this article. But first, we’ll take you through some of the challenges men face when it comes to sitting on the toilet. Read on. 

Toilet Size 

The biggest problem men face when it comes to sitting on the toilet is the size of the toilet. Smaller toilets, in particular, can be a nightmare. If the toilet bowl is too short, some of the male parts have to rest against the inside of the front of the bowl when guys sit to do their business. 

Toilets with small bowls are very common in apartment buildings. As you may know, building an apartment is expensive. Landlords will often try to cut every corner they can, especially when installing various fixtures, and smaller toilets happen to be the pocket-friendlier option.

What’s The Standard Toilet Size? 

Toilets come in different sizes. Some toilets are so small that men — and some women — can barely fit on them, but they are still widely used. With that in mind, you may wonder if there is a standard toilet size you can use to find the perfect toilet for your home. 

Standard toilet dimensions are typically between 28–30 inches deep, approximately 20 inches wide, between 27–32 inches high, and 16 to 20 inches in length — from the mounting holes on the toilet seat to the front of the bowl’s rim.

Round Vs Elongated Toilets

The type of toilet will also factor in its size. There are two types of toilets: round and elongated. The main difference between round and elongated toilets is the shape and length of the seat. As the names suggest, round toilet bowls are circular, while elongated toilet bowls are oval-shaped. 

A round toilet bowl measures approximately 16 and a half inches in length. An elongated bowl is around 18 and a half inches in length. Of course, these measurements can vary, but these are the most common lengths.

These are the standard toilet sizes you’ll find installed in most homes. If the toilet in your home or apartment is too small for you, it’s probably a small adult toilet made for a small powder room. In this case, men in your household will have trouble sitting on the toilet. 

Water Level in The Bowl

Toilets in America are known for their high water level. The idea is to cover solid waste in water and control foul odors. According to the EPA, toilets account for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption in American homes. 

In addition to potentially contributing to water scarcity around the country, the high water levels in American toilets can be a problem for those with dangling bottom parts. As mentioned earlier in the article, male parts dip into the toilet water, which, as you can imagine, can be a very unpleasant experience. 

How Should a Man Sit on The Toilet?

As you can see, toilet size and water level are the most significant issues men have to grapple with when trying to sit on a toilet. So, how do guys sit in the toilet to avoid their junk touching the inside of the toilet bowl or coming into contact with dirty toilet water? 

There’s no ‘correct’ way for a guy to sit on the toilet. What we can tell you is that there’s an optimal body position to be in when you sit down to do your business. This position varies for guys depending on their anatomy and toilet size.  

Most guys prefer to sit at the furthest back of the toilet bowl to avoid touching anything with their junk. The goal is to sit back far enough to prevent contact with the bowl or its contents. Also, guys tend to spread their legs more to keep their trousers from touching the bowl when they sit on the toilet. 

Should Guys Sit or Squat on The Toilet? 

While some people sort of ‘hover’ above the toilet bowl to avoid catching germs, most guys just sit on the toilet seat when answering nature calls. Although squatting on the toilet has benefits, most American toilets aren’t designed for that.  

Hovering over your bowl while squatting can strain your pelvic muscles and is, in most cases, unnecessary. Just find the optimal position and sit on the toilet. Maintain a good posture. Don’t lean back when sitting on the toilet if you want to do it properly. 

Should Men Sit on The Toilet While Peeing? 

Generally, guys will pee standing up and only sit on the toilet when going number two. Being able to pee almost anywhere is one of the many perks of being a man. However, it might be better for guys to pee while sitting on the toilet.

As a man, there are numerous benefits to peeing while sitting down. For starters, it’s sanitary, courteous, and considerate. It also helps you avoid problems with female members of your household for leaving the toilet seat up. But that’s not all; peeing while sitting on the toilet can help with prostate issues.  

Sitting comfortably on your toilet bowl is very relaxing. Studies show that sitting down to pee can benefit men with prostate problems, as it improves their ability to pass urine comfortably. 


Why Do Guys Sit on The Toilet?

There are many good reasons for guys to sit on the toilet, even when they only need to pee. Guys will sit on the toilet while peeing to reduce noise, avoid splatter, or just relax. Sitting on a toilet in a comfortable position can be very relaxing. 

Why Should Guys Put the Toilet Seat Down?

When guys pee standing up, they need to lift the toilet seat, so they don’t pee on it. It’s important to put it back down when you are done. Keeping the toilet seat down helps keep the smell down, prevent bacteria from circulating into the air, and keep stuff from falling into the toilet. 

Do Guys’ Balls Touch the Toilet Water?

Yes, it can happen. With enough slack, male sexual organs such as the penis and testicles can come into contact with toilet water if the water level is high or the toilet is too shallow. This is common in the US, where toilets have a very high water level.

What Happens When Your Penis Touches Toilet Water? 

Male genitalia can touch the toilet water when the water line is too high. If your penis or scrotum accidentally comes into contact with toilet water, don’t panic. Contact with toilet water is unlikely to cause any issues if you give your genitals a thorough wash afterward. 

How Do I Prevent My Balls from Touching Toilet Water? 

It’s not uncommon for the penis and scrotum to touch toilet water on a hot day when everything is all relaxed down there. But if it happens every time you sit on the toilet, the water level is probably too high, and you need to call a plumber to set the waterline down.

Final Thoughts

For guys, sitting on the toilet to do your business can get a little tricky. The male parts can easily touch the toilet bowl sometimes or even dip into the water if the water level is very high or the toilet is too shallow. 

So, how do guys sit on the toilet? It depends on several factors, including the size of the bowl, but most guys tend to sit at the furthest back of the bowl to avoid touching either the inside of the bowl or dirty toilet water with their parts. 

This position also allows them to spread their legs more comfortably when sitting on the toilet. This way, the external parts of their bottom anatomy are suspended freely inside the toilet bowl. Problems may arise if the toilet is too small. 

A small toilet means there’s little room for male parts to hang freely inside the bowl and have to touch it or even the water. Small toilets are typically the hallmark of a cheap landlord, so keep that in mind the next time you go home or apartment shopping. 

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