How Do Men Poop? A Definitive Guide to Men’s Bowel Movements

Many women wonder how men poop because it’s an important part of the male experience. Naughty questions like how do they handle their penis while pooping often pop up in forums once in a while. Many men are shy about talking about their bowel movements, so having this hard-hitting guide to men’s bowel movements will make it easier to understand men and get your man to open up to you more. Here’s everything you need to know about how men poop!

The Anatomy of a Bowel Movement

The bowel is part of the digestive system and starts from the small intestines and ends in the rectum. It helps the body absorb nutrients and fluids from what we eat and drink. The bowel walls are lined with muscles that contract to push food along. After absorbing what the body needs, the bowel then expels what is leftover as waste.

Bowel movements are a natural process, and everyone poops, but for some people, it’s more regular than others. The size of a man’s bowel movement can vary depending on what he eats and drink, how much fiber he includes in his diet, and how healthy his gut is.

How Do Men Poop?

How men poop is relatively straightforward. Once in the toilet, they will sit on their throne and put their behind down on the seat. Sometimes they may even straddle the seat before sitting down or just squat above it without sitting down. Once seated, they will take care of business by either doing one of two things: 

● Squeezing out a hard turd 

● Urinating and then releasing a soft turd

● Doing both at once (though this is not common).

What about the position of the penis? Does it point upwards when defecating? No, it doesn’t. A flaccid penis is about 3 inches, short enough not to touch the toilet bowl even when dangling. 

How often do men poop? The Average Frequency of Bowel Movements in Males

The frequency of bowel movements varies from person to person. Some people may have bowel movements every day, while others may go a week or two without going. The average frequency of bowel movements in males is approximately three times a day to three times per week.

The frequency of bowel movements can be influenced by various factors such as diet, medications, and age. For example, the elderly have a higher frequency of bowel movements than adults because their food does not stay in the body for as long due to lower stomach acid production and decreased ability to absorb nutrients from food. It is also common for children and teenagers to have a higher frequency of bowel movements due to their increased physical activity levels and eating habits.

How do Guys Sit When they poop?

Men generally prefer the seated position when pooping for a few reasons. The seating position gives them a chance to rest their tired legs. It also provides better support for their backs and prevents strain. Lastly, it allows them to read, scroll their phones, or do other activities while they poop. Fourth, it minimizes the mess by keeping everything contained. Finally, it just feels more comfortable for most men.

The most common way men position their third leg is to let it hang down between their legs. And no, the penis does not come into contact with the toilet bowl or any other part of the bathroom during this time. The toilet bowl has lots of space, and while a man’s privates are in the air, they are safe from getting sprayed by a rogue pee that could splash back up.

Men Restroom Etiquette

When it comes to men and poop, there are a few unspoken rules of etiquette that every guy follows.

Ensuring the restroom is clean: After finishing their business in the bathroom, men always ensure they leave the toilet as clean as possible. It doesn’t matter if they’re at home or out of the town – after going number two, guys will flush the toilet and leave behind an immaculate space for someone else to use.

Washing hands after visiting the restroom: Most people assume that men don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. They do, with soap and plenty of water. One quick rinse isn’t enough, so it’s not uncommon for guys to spend a few minutes washing their hands before exiting the restroom.

Bottom Line

While there may not be a one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how men poop, some generalities can be helpful to keep in mind. For example, diet and hydration greatly affect how well your digestive system works. Additionally, everyone has different bowel habits, so what works for one person may not work for another. Ultimately, listening to your body and doing what feels comfortable for you is crucial.

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