Are Your Arms Too Short to Wipe? Here Is a Solution

Wiping after using the bathroom might seem like an obvious thing to do, but not everybody is able to do it right. For instance, it is recommended that you wipe your bum from front to back. But what if your arms are too short to wipe this way? 

Read on to learn the answers to this question and more solutions to your bathroom hygiene. 

Why Is It Important to Wipe Front to Back

You may have heard this a million times, “always wipe front-to-back.” But do you really know the reason why this is important? 

Basic biology shows that the anus is located pretty close to the vagina. That means a good amount of the bacteria from the anus can find its way into your private area and cause havoc in these areas.

Remember, the anus and rectum harbor a lot of bacteria necessary for a bowel movement to take place. These bacteria are, however, not favorable for other organs of the body, like the vagina, to be exposed to.

Therefore, wiping from front to back is a necessary precaution to prevent urinary tract infections and other diseases, the same way brushing your teeth every day will help prevent tooth cavities.

This is especially important for women since the urethra and anus are in pretty close proximity, which increases the chances of spreading bacteria to these delicate areas. 

Men can wipe whichever way they like, front to back, back to front, or even sideways, as long as they get the job done. This is because their organs are further apart, making it unlikely for feces to spread from the anus to the urethra.

How to Wipe Front to Back with Short Arms

From the above discussion, it is more hygienic to wipe from front to back, especially for women. But how do you wipe front to back if you can’t reach your bum? How does a person with short arms wipe their butt?

You have several options to wipe front to back when your arms are too short:

  1. Using a bidet
  2. Going between your legs
  3. Using toilet wiping aids

Using A Bidet

A bidet toilet seat is one of the best solutions for those who can’t wipe themselves for one reason or another. Whether you’re obese, have very short hands, or have no arms at all, a bidet will help you stay clean down there. You’ll also save on tissue paper. 

We have both hand spray and automatic bidets designed to wash off stool from your butt. Another advantage of using a bidet is that this tool leaves you feeling fresh and clean, and with no skid marks. It is also a cheaper investment in the long run since you won’t have to keep buying tissue paper. 

You can buy a bidet toilet seat from Amazon or ebay. The price will depend on the particular features you’re interested in. If you’re not high on different bells and whistles, you can get a good product that will serve the purpose at only $25.

Going Between Your Legs

If your arms are too short to go around to the back and wipe your bum, you can opt to go between your legs instead to reduce the distance you have to reach. 

This may take some getting used to, especially now that when trying to reach your butt through your legs, you could get a drop of pee on your legs, which can be a bit gross. 

Using Toilet Wiping Aids

Whether you’re too fat to wipe your bottom, you have mobility issues that cannot allow you to bend, or your arms are too short to wipe; there are toilet wiping aids on the market to make your bathroom hygiene workable. 

You can go for long-reach products that grip toilet tissue on the end. Or you can opt for the tong-style wiping aids that hold the tissue between the prongs. You can even find those that come with small carrying cases for use on the go.


How Does a Person With No Arms Wipe?

A person with no arms will definitely not be able to wipe their bums by themselves. They will have to hire someone to help them do that. At home armless people can use a bidet to clean themselves after number two but they must have prosthetic arms/hands to be able to do this.

Should a Woman Wipe Front to Back After Peeing?

As mentioned above it is important for women to wipe front to back. Whether it is after peeing or going for number two, wiping front to back is the most hygienic way of doing it. Wiping this way reduces the spread of bacteria that might cause urinary tract infections (UTI).

What Happens if You Don’t Wipe Your Bottom Properly?

It is advisable to make sure you wipe yourself clean. Not wiping yourself correctly makes you vulnerable to urinary tract infections and may blow up any existing rectal issues, such as anal fissures or hemorrhoids.

Wrapping Up: Arms Too Short to Wipe

Bathroom hygiene entails wiping yourself clean with the right technique to avoid transferring bacteria from the anus to the urethra. Some circumstances will, however, make it difficult to do some basic tasks like wiping your butt. When your arms are too short to wipe, it can be difficult to ensure that it is clean down there.

Luckily, there are certain techniques you can adopt to ensure you remain clean and keep bacteria off the most sensitive parts of your body. You can wipe your bum by going between your legs, using a bidet, or opting for different toilet wiping aids. Whichever method you choose to use, ensure you’re wiping from front to back.

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