Can You Wear AirPods Pro in the Shower?

Can You Wear AirPods Pro in the Shower

Are you a music lover who never wants to miss out on the beats? You may have been tempted to use your AirPods Pro in the shower. But is that a good idea? Can you wear AirPods pro in the shower?  The answer to this question lies in what happens when you submerge your AirPods … Read more

Should You Shower After a Haircut?

Should you shower after a haircut

A question that often arises about haircuts is whether you should shower before, after, or both times. Unless you wash your hair daily, chances are you won’t have fresh hair on your way to the salon. Also, stray hairs will typically be left after a haircut, no matter how much you brush the loose hairs … Read more

Can I Take My S22 Ultra in the Shower?

Can I Take My S22 Ultra in the Shower

Have you ever missed an important call or text message because you were in the shower? Or perhaps you’d like to have a mini karaoke session or watch your favorite video as you shower. You’ll be glad to know that most modern smartphones, including the S22 Ultra, are virtually waterproof when submerged in small amounts … Read more

How Many Calories Does a Cold Shower Burn?

how many calories does a cold shower burn

Starting or ending your day with a hot, steamy shower is probably more enjoyable and relaxing than a cold shower. But what if the latter could help you lose weight? It’s believed that cold exposure stimulates thermogenesis – a process where the body releases heat to keep itself warm and burns more calories. But while … Read more

Is Shower Water Safe to Drink?

is shower water safe to drink

Do you ever wonder, “is shower water safe to drink?” After all, whether from the kitchen tap or bathroom sink/shower, both are just water and will do their job of quenching your thirst. Well, drinking a small amount of shower water will not harm you. If you must drink shower water, for one reason or … Read more

Why Can’t You Flush Toilet After Drug Test

why can't you flush toilet after drug test

Drug testing has become a common practice in many organizations, workplaces, schools, and in some instances, when you’re traveling. The problem is many people don’t know the specific rules and regulations for drug testing, which have been put in place to ensure the integrity of the urine sample and prevent adulteration. One question arises during … Read more

Does Shower Curtain Go Inside or Outside Tub

does shower curtain go inside or outside tub

Shower curtains provide privacy, prevent water from flooding the floor, and beautify your bathroom space. But after finding the right style and design to match your bathroom aesthetics, it’s equally important to know how to use a shower curtain properly. One of the common debates is, “Does shower curtain go inside or outside tub?” There … Read more

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