How To Deal with Pee Splash Under Toilet Seat

Did you know that men can splash urine up to a distance of 36 inches from the toilet bowl, landing on the toilet seat, wall, mirror, or anything else in the vicinity? This act can be annoying and even bring conflict among household members because of blaming each other for who is the culprit. The truth is pee splash under the toilet seat is unhygienic and infuriating. 

In public restrooms, splashback is the reason for the foul smell and all the stains on the floor and walls. And in large institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, the splashback can cause serious health risks.

We all want to enjoy going to a clean bathroom, but the nasty habit of splashback can ruin this experience. Yet most men face this problem when they pee either at home or in public restrooms. 

So, how can you deal with the issue of pee splash under the toilet seat? This text will help you solve this problem and save your marriage in the process. 

What Causes Urine to Splash?

Your pee may splash under the toilet seat because of two reasons. 

Angle of Attack

Your angle of attack will determine how far your urine will travel. The smaller the angle between your stream and the toilet water, the less the splatter. 

Height from the Urinal/Toilet Bowl

While peeing when standing is the norm for most men, this position increases the distance the urine has to travel before striking the toilet bowl, increasing its velocity and therefore generating a pee splash.

Why Do Men Miss the Toilet?

We all want a clean bathroom where we can feel safe and happy doing our business. But why do some men spill urine all over the place? 

The thing is, most men actually have good aim when urinating, but even with the best aim, there are times when you will experience splash and residual dribble that will leave your toilet dirty and smelly. 

Different factors, both within and beyond the man’s control, can affect the ability to pee in the toilet bowl. Women will only experience these problems as mishaps. 

Here are some of the reasons why men miss the toilet:

1. Imbalance

Dizziness and neurological or otolaryngological ailments affecting balance can impede your aim or steadiness when urinating.

2. Miscalculation

The inner part of a basic toilet bowl is usually 10 inches wide. Now, sometimes in an attempt to curb the urine splash, the man may aim for the 2.5-inch stretch between the edge of the bowl and the water line. Narrowing the target area may lead to a spray back.

3. Dimly Lit Bathroom

As a man, it’s advisable always to turn on the light when using the toilet at night. Peeing in the dark makes you risk missing the bowl.

4. Dried Semen

After ejaculation, men are encouraged to express and rinse out all the semen, and, after that, urinate to make sure there is no seminal residue remaining in the urethra and the navicular fossa. Failure to do that may later cause a splash as you try to pass urine through a partly blocked urethra. 

The above points show that your urine stream will not always be straight ahead. Sometimes it can shoot to the bottom, right, or left and go in a different direction than where the man was aiming.

How Do I Stop My Pee From Splashing Everywhere?

We have seen above that pee splash under the toilet seat or anywhere else sometimes happens due to factors beyond the man’s control. How, then, can you stop your pee from splashing everywhere? 

  • Sitting to pee is by far the most sanitary way to pass urine. Your urine moves five times away when standing up than when seated. It also gathers more speed on the way, creating extra splashback. Sitting down also means a smaller angle of attack.
  • Reduce the angle of your urine stream so that the pee knocks the wall of the urinal or toilet bowl. Remember, the higher the angle (up to 90 degrees), the more the splashback. So, aim for less than 45 degrees!
  • Pee directly into the water.
  • Avoid too much shaking after peeing, as this might force your urine to hit the urinal or fly through the air, creating a splashback.
  • Stand closer to the toilet or urinal: Your pee picks up a higher velocity the farther you’re from the urinal, creating more splashback. Distance also matters because your stream starts to split up if you’re standing too far, increasing the chances of having a splashback.

Is It Better to Pee Standing or Sitting?

Most men across the world, especially in Western countries, pee while standing. However, since the invention of the modern toilet, there has been a debate on whether it is better to pee standing or sitting.

As we have seen from the above text, the only sure way to ensure bathroom hygiene for men is to pee while sitting. Peeing while sitting is not just sanitary but also comes with certain health benefits

This is particularly true for older men with prostate issues. For such men, urinating while sitting down could help in emptying the bladder more efficiently and minimize the chances of developing cysts and other health problems. 

On the other hand, young, healthy men may not have any problem peeing while standing, but they could benefit from the hygiene part. 

Should You Lift the Toilet Seat When Peeing?

As we have seen throughout the text, most men worry about completing the task rather than having the correct aim. That means the chances of the urine ending up in droplets and on the toilet seat are very high. Because of this flaw in the urination process, men are advised always to lift the toilet seat when peeing. 

Lifting the seat while peeing is a sign of good manners and grooming. Also, the addition of a few inches goes a long way in helping to contain the urine. 

So, if you mind the next person who will be using the toilet after you, it’s good manners to lift the seat when urinating and wipe off any leftovers that might have ended up on the rim. 

 How Does Pee Get on the Base of the Toilet

Urine around the base of the toilet could be a result of poor aim that could be causing a backsplash or a problem with the toilet itself. So, other than fixing your aim, you also need to check and see if the toilet has some leaks that need to be fixed. Check and twist all the loose toilet tee bolts and replace any worn-out wax ring seal.

Final Thoughts On Pee Splash Under Toilet Seat

For the sake of everyone living in your house, it is crucial to educate yourself on proper bathroom hygiene. Pee stains are unsightly and unsanitary and will eventually give your bathroom a foul smell.

Since pee splash is a problem that men mostly experience, it helps to master the perfect aim so that you can use the toilet effortlessly without splashing urine under the toilet seat. Nonetheless, we have concluded that even though peeing while sitting is frowned upon by some men, it is the most hygienic way of passing urine as it helps you avoid backsplash. Adopting this position when urinating will help improve your health and prevent trouble with the female members of your household. 

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