Beware of These Wedi Shower System Problems

Whether you’re looking to build a new shower stall or plan to renovate your existing shower room, you should consider buying a waterproof shower system. When looking for fully waterproof and mold-proof showers, the Wedi Shower System comes to mind. But even with all their benefits, you will encounter some Wedi shower system problems. 

This is not to scare you away from this wonderful product. In fact, knowing what kind of problems you can expect will help you to troubleshoot and come up with the best solution. This text covers everything you need to know about the Wedi shower system and some of the issues that you might come across when using this product.

What Is the Wedi System?

The wedi shower system offers a perfect alternative to traditional installation techniques. When you install this shower system, you’ll be saying no to membrane pin holes or pan liner cracks, mold growth, clogged drain weep holes, and presloping. 

The Wedi Company assures you of a 10-year extended guarantee, XPS waterproofing, and reduced installation time, all at a lower cost. Once installed, expect a tough floor element with zero sponginess that is known with many foams like expanded polystyrene and EPS foams. With a wedi, you can work on it, drop a tool, walk on it, and put up a ladder without causing any irreparable damage. 

 Wedi Shower System Problems

Just like everything on the market, the wedi shower system has its flaws. Let’s look at some of the problems you’re likely to run into when using this shower system.

1. Leak at the Base

When you read the wedi shower system reviews online, you’ll realize that some users had an issue with a leak at the base following installation.

As we have mentioned above, the wedi shower system is highly waterproof, and other users can attest to this. A leak after installation can only be attributed to poor installation rather than a problem with the product itself. The contractor probably left a gap during the installation or sealant application process. So, make sure you look for a wedi-certified contractor who will ensure your system is correctly installed.

2. Dents on the Base

Another reported problem with this shower system is dents on the base. This could occur when you apply massive force on the XPS foam in a limited space. No need to worry, though, as you can easily fix the dent by applying a sealant or any other filler. 

How Much Does the Wedi Shower System Cost?

You will spend between $800 and $1200 to buy a wedi shower system kit, depending on the size of the system and where you buy it from. You can check the current price on Amazon here

Wedi Shower System Installation

The wedi system comes with everything needed to install it from start to finish, which makes the installation process easy and quick.

Here is the installation process to follow:

  1. Use a woodcutter to cut the wedi foundation, ensuring that it fits your bathroom
  2. Use glue, epoxy, concrete or any other adhering medium to put the backside on the flooring
  3. Drill the drainage hole and insert the drainage kit in it
  4. Secure the area by adding silicone sealer to all the edges and joints
  5. Apply the sealant and wait for 24 hours before installing the tiles. 

You can get a detailed installation procedure on the WEDI website. Note that you will avoid so many problems if you install the system correctly the first time. That’s why you need to Google “wedi certified installer near me” to make sure you find someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Wedi Shower System Problems FAQs

What is the best adhesive for wedi board?

The best adhesive for the wedi board is the ARDEX X77/W adhesive.

Can you tile directly onto wedi board?

Yes, you can tile directly onto wedi board without any additional steps needed.

What is the cost to install wedi shower system?

Whether you’re renovating or doing a completely new shower, the wedi prefabricated modules save you a lot of time and installation costs. This is because the most critical work steps have already been integrated into the product system thanks to the sealing and technology used. 

Due to shorter drying times and reduced work steps, the whole installation process can actually be done by one person, from start to completion. 

Final Thoughts on Wedi Shower System Problems

The wedi shower system gives you everything you need to fabricate a shower with ramps, curbs, niches, benches, and more. The best part is that when you buy any wedi shower kit, you get everything you need to get the job done from start to finish. 

While the wedi is quite expensive compared to other brands, it is a high-quality product that will serve you for a very long time. The wedi joint sealant and sealing tape will ensure all gaps are closed. This will make your shower durable, flexible, and resistant to the elements and chemicals. You’ll not have to worry about mildew, leaks, or mold. However, just like everything in life, the wedi shower has a few flaws that you might encounter as you use it. The major one is the leaks, though you can solve this problem by ensuring the installation is done correctly and by a certified wedi installer. 

Have you used the wedi shower system? Tell us your experience in the comments section.

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  1. We had a wedi system installed in two bathroom showers. One is perfect and the other one has failed. It is leaking .
    What do I do?


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