How to Get Blue Toilet Cleaner off Hands

how to get blue toilet cleaner off hands

Toilet cleaners use dyes to help with identification, which in turn, prevents contamination. The problem is that the blue dye can leave a stubborn stain that can be unsightly and difficult to remove if you don’t address it quickly. Also, toilet cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can harm the skin if left for a long … Read more

Beware of These Wedi Shower System Problems

wedi shower system problems

Whether you’re looking to build a new shower stall or plan to renovate your existing shower room, you should consider buying a waterproof shower system. When looking for fully waterproof and mold-proof showers, the Wedi Shower System comes to mind. But even with all their benefits, you will encounter some Wedi shower system problems.  This … Read more

How to Deal with White Slime in Sink Drain

White Slime in Sink Drain

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, the sink drain plays a vital role in effectively disposing of wastewater. Since this place is always busy and damp, there might be drain buildup from everyday activities. Things like lotion, shaving cream, soap, hair, skin cells, and toothpaste can collect in drain pipes, creating a suitable environment for … Read more

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