Can You Use Regular Drywall in a Bathroom

can you use regular drywall in a bathroom

Drywall is an inexpensive and easy-to-install material commonly used to finish walls and ceilings. But there’s a major limitation to this versatile building material; it’s essentially hard paper and can fall short in terms of strength and water resistance. This begs the question, “Can you use regular drywall in a bathroom?” Bathrooms are constantly wet … Read more

Can You Get STD From Toilet Water Splashing

can you get std from toilet water splashing

It has happened to the best of us –the dreaded toilet water splash. Maybe it happened while you were doing your business, or the toilet had a strong flush, and some toilet water ended up on your face. While it’s gross to even think about it, most people ask, “Can you get std from toilet … Read more

What Will Dissolve Tampons in Pipes?

what will dissolve tampons in pipes

Disposing a used tampon should be as simple as wrapping it in tissue paper and throwing it in the garbage or trash bin. Yet some people still flush it down the toilet, whether by accident or knowingly. Most tampons are biodegradable but take a long time to degrade. While they can be flushed down the … Read more

Can You Get Pregnant From a Toilet Seat?

Can You Get Pregnant from a Toilet Seat

This question takes us back to the old days when talking freely about where babies came from was not very common. Remember when your parents threatened you not to talk to boys unless you wanted to become pregnant? When they told you they bought your brother or sister from the supermarket? But times have changed, and … Read more

Are Toilet Seat Covers Flushable?

are toilet seat covers flushable

Toilet seat covers often add extra protection in not-so-clean public bathrooms. But some are designed to be decorative, not functional. One question people have after using them is, “Are toilet seat covers flushable?” A simple answer to note is most toilet seat covers are flushable, including those commonly available in public toilets. However, some are … Read more

How to Avoid Dead Skin After Shower

dead skin after shower

You’ve recently noticed dry or peeling skin after showering, and you’re wondering what the cause is. It could be simple things like taking long, hot showers, or using harsh products, among other things. It’s important to note that experiencing dead skin after shower is quite common. But it can be an uncomfortable and itchy problem. … Read more

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