What Should I Do If I Dropped My Airpod in the Toilet?

Dropped your AirPod in the toilet? What a horrible experience! After all, AirPods costs about $150 and are not something you want to lose just like that. But AirPods falling in the toilet, sink, or just being in contact with water is something that has happened to many of us. So, what should you do if you dropped your AirPod in the toilet? 

The good news is that you can salvage your AirPod and continue using it. Let’s explore this topic at length as we offer practical recommendations to prevent water damage and get your gadgets working. 

Is AirPods Waterproof?

No, AirPods are not waterproof, meaning you cannot completely submerge them in water without causing any damage. Over-the-ear AirPods and first and second-generation AirPods have zero waterproof and water-resistance capabilities. 

While some AirPods, such as the AirPods Pro (2nd generation), are marked as water-resistant, they are not completely waterproof. That means if your AirPods happen to drop in water or get supper sweaty, then they’ll get damaged if you don’t dry them immediately. 

What Should I Do if I Drop My Airpod in the Toilet?

Before we answer this question, it is important that we mention that Apple will not cover any damages related to water damage. While you get a one-year warranty when you buy Apple AirPods and AirPod accessories, this warranty doesn’t cover modifications or accidents like dropping your AirPod in the toilet. That means if this accident happens to you, you’ll have to try and do what you can to bring it back to working condition. 

The process of bringing your AirPod back to life will depend on the condition of the toilet that the gadget fell in. You shouldn’t have much to do if the AirPod falls into a clean toilet. Just try and remove the water from the speakers as soon as possible. 

However, if your AirPods fall in a dirty toilet, then you’ll have to do the extra work of disinfecting them. 

How to Clean AirPods After Dropping in Clean Toilet

You’re lucky if your AirPod dropped in a clean toilet. But don’t assume the water is clean just because the toilet was flushed before the AirPod dropped in it. Even though it will not be highly contaminated, you should try to disinfect it after getting the water out. 

Cleanse the AirPods using the soft-tipped brush, and then coat the entire surface using an antibacterial gel applicator. Be careful not to let the brush hit the speaker holes, as this may drive water inside and undo all your hard work.  

After removing all the dirt and grime, use a microfiber to dry the surface. You can eject the water one more time just to make sure no water is remaining in the speaker hole. 

How to Clean AirPods After Dropping in A Dirty Toilet

So, you dropped your AirPod in a toilet with poop and are wondering if there is a way to salvage it. Well, you’ll be happy to know that you can still rescue your gadget even if it falls into a toilet that isn’t flushed. Here is how:

Step 1: Remove the AirPods from the toilet immediately to avoid further damage

Step 2: Start the cleanup process by layering several paper towels and using them as operating table for your AirPods

Step 3: Use an antiseptic gel applicator brush to remove any debris and clean the AirPods. You can then apply the gel to the entire surface. In case you don’t have the brush, a toothbrush or cotton swab can still do a good job. 

Step 4: After applying the antibacterial gel or disinfectant, wipe down the AirPod once more using an antimicrobial coating. Different hospitals and large corporations use antimicrobial coating to sanitize surfaces. So, you can trust it to do an excellent job of sanitizing your AirPod. 

Step 5: Give your AirPods time to dry completely. You may not see some water on them, but moisture could be trapped inside. So, remove the AirPods and leave the lid open to allow any excess moisture to escape. You can put them on a dry table or countertop and let them dry naturally. It is important that you don’t switch on the product to force it to dry, as this might lead to overheating, which can permanently damage the AirPods. Don’t forget to remove and clean the AirPods case cover while at it. 

FAQs on What to Do If You Dropped Your Airpods in Toilet

Should I Put My Airpod in Rice if I Dropped It in Water?

Many people use rice to dry water-damaged devices. While this does work with other gadgets like phones, it is not a good idea to dip your AirPod into a bag of rice. This is because, unlike phones, AirPods have larger ports and holes where the smaller rice particles can get stuck and clog up the parts inside. 

Instead of rice, use silica gel to absorb any moisture from your AirPods. Silica gel is contained in desiccant packets found in new products such as electronics and shoe boxes. 

Put your AirPods in a clean container and fill it with desiccant. The AirPods should be covered in desiccant from all corners, including the top, bottom, and sides. Let them remain there for like 24 hours.

Is My Airpod Ruined if It Fell in Water?

No. Most of the time, you will be able to restore your AirPods to normalcy even if they fall into the water. But you have to act fast! Make sure you remove it from the water immediately and start the drying process. 

What Should I Do if I Dropped Airpod in Toilet with Poop?

If you accidentally dropped your AirPods in a toilet full of poop, you can decide to let it go and buy a replacement. However, if you really have to save it, pour rubbing alcohol into a small bowl and throw in the AirPods. Let them sit for one or two minutes before removing and drying them. Rubbing alcohol is a good disinfectant and also dries quickly. 

What Should I Do if I Dropped Airpod in Toilet with Pee?

You can follow the procedure above to disinfect and dry your AirPod, or forget about it and buy a new pair.

Final Thoughts on What to Do If You Dropped Your AirPods in The Toilet

We have established beyond reasonable doubt that AirPods are not waterproof. Fully submerging your AirPods in water could cause water damage that is irreversible. That is why you should be careful not to use your AirPods in the bathroom or toilet. If your AirPods accidentally catch some water or fall in the toilet, remove them immediately and start drying them.

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