The Indian Toilet: Everything You Need To Know

Indian Toilet

Western tourists are often left perplexed by the cultural differences in their travel destinations. For instance, the realization that many people across the world squat to poop can be bewildering to a westerner. Today, we’ll be talking about the Indian toilet.  The Indian toilet, despite its name, is not exclusive to the South Asian nation. … Read more

Why is My Toilet on a Raised Platform?

why is my toilet on a raised platform

Toilets come in many designs and styles, including those mounted on the floor and others with raised platforms. Your toilet might be on a raised platform, and you might wonder why. There are several reasons, and we are going to explore some of them. We will also look at some of the cons of having … Read more

Does a Toilet Need a Vent?

does a toilet need a vent

Does a toilet need a vent? An open vent in the bathroom is a great way to help your toilet run better. Many experts recommend that every toilet be vented. However, you may not know what a vent does or why it’s important for your toilet to have one. You might also be wondering how … Read more

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