Beware of These Wedi Shower System Problems

wedi shower system problems

Whether you’re looking to build a new shower stall or plan to renovate your existing shower room, you should consider buying a waterproof shower system. When looking for fully waterproof and mold-proof showers, the Wedi Shower System comes to mind. But even with all their benefits, you will encounter some Wedi shower system problems.  This … Read more

What is the Ideal Rain Shower Head Distance from Wall?

Rain Shower Head Distance from Wall

A rain shower head is an excellent addition whether you want to change or upgrade your existing bathroom shower. This spectacular bathroom addition is luxurious and offers a spa-like showering experience compared to a regular shower. With their numerous tiny holes, these fixtures provide a rain-like showering experience by delivering a steady water flow. But, … Read more

Eljer Whirlpool Tub Reviews: Everything You Need To Know About Jetted Tubs

Eljer whirlpool tub reviews

Buying and installing a whirlpool tub is a big investment for any homeowner, so you want to be sure you are getting the best value for your money. Avoid buyer’s remorse in the bathtub by performing due diligence before making financial commitments. You can start by reading different Eljer whirlpool tub reviews. Eljer is one of … Read more

Do Semi-Trucks Have Bathrooms? Everything You Need to Know

do semi-trucks have bathrooms

There is no doubt that today’s semi-trucks are way better than the older rigs. Manufacturers are building these trucks with the comfort of the driver in mind. But do semi-trucks have bathrooms? With modern semi-trucks, you can find a sleeper cab with improved amenities like a full-sized closet that a driver could customize by adding … Read more

I Flushed Paper Towel Down the Toilet. What Should I Do?

flushed paper towel down toilet

Flushing paper towels down the toilet is a common mistake that people often make. You probably assume paper towels are like toilet tissues and that they will easily disintegrate in water. However, paper towels are much more absorbent than toilet tissue and will not disintegrate quickly. This can cause your toilet to become clogged, causing … Read more

Bathroom Items That Start With A

bathroom items that start with A

Toilet paper, towels, and toothbrush holders are items that are common in the bathroom. However, many other products can make your bathroom experience just a little bit better. We’ll look at some of the most common bathroom items that start with A. Artwork Art is often a necessary component of any bathroom, and is one … Read more

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