Should You Shower After a Haircut?

A question that often arises about haircuts is whether you should shower before, after, or both times. Unless you wash your hair daily, chances are you won’t have fresh hair on your way to the salon.

Also, stray hairs will typically be left after a haircut, no matter how much you brush the loose hairs from your head, neck, or clothes. This makes showering and shampooing after a haircut necessary to help remove stray hairs. That being said, there are a couple of instances where it’s not advisable to shower after a haircut. Keep reading to find out.

Should You Shower After a Haircut?

The decision to shower after a haircut depends on several factors, such as the individual’s hair health, the type of cut, and the products used.

As mentioned earlier, some loose hairs will remain behind no matter how much you brush them off after a haircut. Needless to say, showering after a haircut will help you feel refreshed and clean while removing any loose hair that might be irritating.

Showering after a haircut is also hygienic. Imagine walking around with loose hairs on your clothes and skin, which could end up on other people, in food, water, and other surrounding things!

Other factors to consider when it comes to showering after a haircut include:

  • Hair products: If your hair was washed, conditioned, or styled during the haircut, consider whether you’re comfortable with the products left in your hair. Some prefer to wash their hair after a haircut to remove this build-up.
  • Hair type: If you have curly hair, you might need to follow specific hair care routines that don’t involve washing every day. In such cases, you might choose not to shower immediately after a haircut.
  • Skin sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin, allergies, or other skin conditions, showering after a haircut can help to prevent irritation caused by loose strands or chemical residues. Avoid using hot water or strong shampoos immediately after a haircut, as this could irritate your skin further.

A common misconception about washing your hair after a haircut is that it will destroy your haircut. What you need to note is there’s a difference between a haircut and styling.

If the former is done well, washing won’t change your haircut in any way. On the other hand, washing would alter the final look if you did some styling with a hot comb or curling iron. In that case, be sure you can replicate the style as the hairdresser did.

Ultimately, the decision to shower after a haircut depends on your preferences, comfort level, and the specific circumstances of the haircut. You can also ask your hairstylist for their recommendation based on the products and haircut style.

Haircuts That Go with Showering Right After

As mentioned earlier, some haircuts and styles go well with showering afterward. Here are a few options that would withstand washing post-haircut:

  • Short Haircuts: Short hairstyles tend to be more resilient to the effects of water and washing, thus maintaining their shape even after being wet and washed. This includes buzz cuts, crew cuts, pixie cuts, etc.
  • Textured Cuts: Haircuts with texture, layers, and movement can retain their look even after they’ve been dampened and restyled. Examples include layered styles, shaggy cuts, and messy haircuts.
  • Natural and Wavy Hairstyles: If you have natural waves or curls, showering post-haircut can enhance the natural texture without affecting the overall look. In fact, these hairstyles often look better when allowed to air dry.
  • Tapered Undercuts: These hairstyles feature shorter sides and back with longer hair on top. They will still look stylish after a shower, and you can use products to restyle the longer top portion easily.
  • Short to medium-length bob: These hairstyles can retain their shape well after a shower, especially if you use minimal styling to refresh it afterward.

Haircuts That Are Challenging to Style after Washing

While some haircuts can withstand water, you should reconsider your ability to restyle them as the washing process may affect their look. This includes:

  • Blunt bangs
  • Short and long bobs
  • Symmetrical bobs

When Not to Wash After a Haircut

Even with the benefits mentioned above, washing up immediately after a haircut isn’t required. In fact, frequent washing and shampooing can lead to dryness and damage. Remember that the natural oils on your scalp moisturize and protect your hair from the elements. As such, washing too soon can strip away these oils that nourish and protect hair.

There are also instances when the hairstylist will recommend not washing immediately after a haircut. Some haircuts require various products, including gels, hairsprays, styling creams, or hair mousses, to achieve the desired results.

These products may take time to settle into your hair and help the style to hold better. Showering post-haircut will wash away these products and affect the intended style or finish.

Another reason not to shower post-haircut is to preserve the cut. The washing process can affect some haircuts, especially those with intricate layering or precision cuts.

Some haircuts involve complicated styling with precise products. And if you wash the hair right away, you might miss out on enjoying the initial styling and remaking it perfectly.

Lastly, if you get a haircut alongside other treatments, you should avoid showering afterward. This includes:

  • A haircut and perm
  • Haircut and dye
  • Haircut and straightening treatment

The products used in these treatments need at least 24-48 hours to settle in the hair to achieve the desired results.

Should You Shower Before a Haircut?

Showering before a haircut also has a few perks:

  • It is proper hygiene and etiquette: Going to a salon with dirty and smelly hair is disrespectful, and it can make others feel uncomfortable. But this doesn’t mean you go with freshly washed hair; second-day hair is the easiest to work with as it can hold the cut and style better.
  • Secondly, the stylist needs to evaluate your hair type and texture before cutting. And if you’re getting a dry cut, which is often the case for hairstyles that need precision, the build-up of oils and products can weigh down your hair. This can make the haircut process painful and uncomfortable. Showering before getting a haircut loosens the hair, thus allowing the comb and clippers to move smoothly.
  • It helps to get the perfect cut: Fresh and clean hair looks better than if you haven’t washed it for days.
  • Most importantly, it saves you from extra costs. Some hairstylists might charge extra for washing dirty hair before a haircut, so why not shower at home instead?

Just like with showering after a haircut, there are some instances when showering beforehand may be unnecessary. This includes:

  • If the salon will shampoo your hair at no extra cost
  • Are you getting your hair dyed or colored? Washing the hair afterward will be part of the process; plus, wet hair can affect the dyeing process.
  • If your hair looks, smells, and feels clean.

Final Words on “Should You Shower After a Haircut?”

Keeping your hair clean is necessary for many reasons. But to shower or not to shower before or after a haircut comes down to personal preference and the type of haircut you’re getting. Remember that washing your hair will not affect the haircut but can affect the styling. That being said, speak with your hairdresser if you need clarification regarding washing hair before or after haircuts.

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