Can Eating Toilet Paper Kill You?

can eating toilet paper kill you

For a person addicted to eating toilet paper, the thoughts of the paper harming you must have crossed your mind more than once. Although not common, some people find themselves craving toilet paper, and this strange disorder called “Pica” is linked to various causes, including unhealthy mental conditions. But can eating toilet paper kill you? … Read more

Reasons Why Urine Sinks to Bottom of Toilet?

urine sinks to bottom of toilet

You may have noticed something curious about your urine at home when it settles in the toilet bowl before flushing. The urine seems to sink right to the bottom and does not mix with water like other bathroom liquids. While this phenomenon might seem common, there are a few different reasons why urine sinks to … Read more

Why Does Poop Smell Linger on Skin?

why does poop smell linger on skin

It’s no secret that poop smells and is one of the most unpleasant odors to have around. Most people probably aren’t too worried about their poop’s smell after they flush it away. However, it becomes a problem when the scent lingers on their skin, especially at work or out with friends and family. So, why … Read more

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