Do Semi-Trucks Have Bathrooms? Everything You Need to Know

There is no doubt that today’s semi-trucks are way better than the older rigs. Manufacturers are building these trucks with the comfort of the driver in mind. But do semi-trucks have bathrooms?

With modern semi-trucks, you can find a sleeper cab with improved amenities like a full-sized closet that a driver could customize by adding a personal touch.

However, despite all the improvements, still, semi-trucks do not have bathrooms or toilets installed. Only a few high-end luxury trucks come with bathrooms, and here is why. Most semi-trucks need more space to cram in all the essential amenities, including a bathroom.

How Do Semi-Truck Drivers Survive Long Distance Travel Without a Bathroom or a Toilet?

So, we’ve learned that semi-trucks do not have bathrooms. How truck drivers survive without a bathroom is a common question, especially from people hoping to join the transport industry. There are two main ways truck drivers relieve and freshen up themselves during their long-distance travels.

1 – At Truck Stops

Also known as a travel center in the United States and a service station in the United Kingdom, a truck stop is a commercial facility that provides the following services to truck drivers:

● Parking

● Accommodation for rest

● Ready-made food

● Refueling

● Bathrooms for freshening up and relieving themselves 

2 – Use of Portable Toilets

Some truck drivers use portable toilets when traveling long distances. These toilets come in handy when the next truck stop is miles away. You might think many drivers opt for this option. However, only a few drivers fancy the idea of having a toilet in the cab.

Many drivers do not like the fact that they need to clean the toilet frequently. 

Another big problem with a portable toilet on a truck is waste disposal. When the tank is full, it needs to be drained, and the waste disposed of at the main sewage systems. These sewage systems might be far from the driver’s route, and most drivers are not ready to sacrifice their time stopping to empty the toilets or even go off their route just to find a sewage system.

Also, the possibility of the odor filling the truck scares the drivers from traveling with a portable toilet.

However, portable chemical toilets are the most preferred toilets. These toilets have chemically treated reservoirs to help disinfect the waste and reduce odors.

Are Bathrooms Expensive to Install in a Semi-Truck

As a semi-truck owner, you may be wondering if it is expensive to install a bathroom in your truck. While the word expensive is relative, installing a bathroom in your truck will definitely cost you a significant amount of money.

However, the following factors will affect the total cost you will incur while adding a bathroom to your truck.

● Size of the bathroom: The bigger the bathroom, the more material will be used, increasing the total cost.

Type of toilet: There are several toilets you can choose from, and your choice will affect the total cost of installing the bathroom. A high-end toilet will be more costly than a regular portable toilet.

Type of facilities: Bathroom holders, shower, sink, etc. 

What Amenities Do Semi-Trucks Have

Even though most semi-trucks do not come with a bathroom, manufacturers have taken various steps to ensure the driver’s comfort by adding and improving the following amenities.

● Beds: Most beds installed in a semi-truck are double-decker. This is to cater to both the driver and the assistant.

● Storage compartments: Semi-trucks are now fitted with storage compartments, including cabinets, drawers, and closets. Drivers do not have to leave their essential supplies behind because of a lack of space.

● Electric power sources: Electric sources such as diesel-powered auxiliary power units (APU) or an inverter help provide power for things like the HVAC systems, T.V., oven, and mini-fridges in the truck.

● Charging ports: These facilitate the use of the electronics in the truck

● HVAC systems: These systems help maintain the temperature and air quality inside the truck.

Is It Worth It Installing a Bathroom in a Semi-Truck

As a semi-truck owner or contract driver, you probably anticipate traveling long distances. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure maximum comfort during your travels. To experience a smooth journey, consider installing a bathroom in your truck.

With a bathroom, you can easily and quickly freshen up, relieve yourself whenever you feel like and, most importantly, save up on costs you would have incurred while using a public restroom.

Therefore, installing a bathroom in your truck is worth it in the long run.

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