How To Get Rid of Poop in Your Toilet Tank

There are quite a few things that can instantly ruin your day. Finding poop in your toilet tank tops the list of things that can really put a damper on your day, so to speak. But wait, how does that happen? 

Human waste is supposed to go into the toilet bowl, not the tank. So how does poop get in the toilet tank? In some low-profile, non-overflow one-piece toilets, poop can get into the tank because of how they operate. But that’s probably not what you have. 

If there’s poop in your toilet tank, someone probably left it there on purpose. It may be someone trying to pull a practical joke on you, and it’s not funny. There’s even a name for pooping in the toilet tank, an ‘upper decker.’ 

Read on to learn more about this mean-spirited prank that can cause serious plumbing issues in your bathroom. 

What Is an Upper Decker? 

An upper decker, also known as a ‘Top Shelf Number Two,’ is when someone defecates in the toilet tank instead of the bowl in a victim’s home. The effects are appalling. When you flush the toilet, it gets filled with murky, foul-smelling wastewater instead of clean water filling the toilet bowl. 

The effects of an upper decker won’t go away until the waste has fully disintegrated, which can take up to a week. Every time you flush in an attempt to get rid of the upper decker, the toilet fills right back up with poop water

The longer it takes for you to notice the poop in your toilet tank, the worse the smell gets. That’s because the waste is just sitting there. The worst part is that no one will own up to this inane prank for obvious reasons.  

Why Would Someone Poop in The Toilet Tank?

People poop in the toilet tank rather than the bowl as a sinister prank. According to Reddit, this prank is usually targeted at someone they don’t like, such as their boss, a friend who made a move on their girlfriend, etc. 

An upper decker is a juvenile prank; hard to picture a grown person doing it though not out of the question. If you have teenage children who often have friends over, one of their friends probably did the deed. But you may never know for sure because, as mentioned previously in the article, people don’t usually own up to these pranks. 

How Do You Get Rid of Poop in The Toilet Tank? 

You can wait for the faeces to disintegrate and clean the bowl, but that will take time. Just know that it will get a lot worse before it gets better. If you’re the victim of this prank you’ll probably want to do something about it. 

If you are most people, your first instinct may be to whip out your plunger at first sight of poop. That won’t be of much help. So, how do you remove poop in the toilet tank? Here are a few tips to help you out. 

  • Turn off the water to the tank and drain it
  • Start by removing the large pieces first 
  • Scrub and clean any remaining waste and rinse out the tank
  • Turn on the water and fill the tank and flush 1–2 times
  • Wait for the tank to fill up again, add half a cup of bleach, swish it around and let it sit for an hour, then flush a few times till the bleach is gone. 

According to Redditors who have been victims of an upper decker, that should do it. Of course, you are welcome to try and resolve this nauseating situation yourself, but there are other options. For instance, you could enlist professional help. 

You are probably better off calling a plumber, so you don’t do further damage to your toilet. A plumber will remove the poop in your toilet tank, clean it, and fix any other issues that you may be having with your toilet


If there’s poop in your toilet tank, chances are someone put it there on purpose. The term for defecating in the toilet tank rather than the toilet bowl in someone’s house is an upper decker. This sinister prank can do a lot of damage in your bathroom. 

When you flush the toilet after someone takes an upper decker in your house, you are greeted by a flood of putrid wastewater, creating a mess and dreadful stench. Someone may pull this juvenile prank on you if they don’t like you for whatever reason.

To remove poop in the toilet tank, you first need to shut off the water supply to the tank and drain it. Remove the waste, clean and rinse the tank, turn the water supply back on and flush a couple of times. Let it fill up again, add half a cup of bleach and let it sit for about an hour, then flush until it is gone. 

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