50 Funny Ways to Say Going to the Bathroom

Defecating and urinating are essential bodily functions that a normal human being has to do regularly. If these processes are pretty normal, then why do people need to come up with so many funny ways to say going to the bathroom?

We will look at some of the polite ways to say bathroom break. But first, let’s look at some of the reasons why people need to come up with these funny phrases:

Avoid the embarrassment and stigma: The results of going to the bathroom are not that glamorous, and it is not something that you can brag about. Therefore, saying “I am going to the bathroom” funnily is a way of avoiding the embarrassment and stigma associated with going to the toilet.

Maintain a certain level of etiquette and manners: Let’s say a person is eating dinner with a group of people, and suddenly they need to go to the bathroom. It would be awkward for the person to say directly why they are leaving the table because whatever they are going to do in the bathroom would seem disgusting to the others at the table.

To be funny and enjoy light moments: Some people enjoy being funny (and hopefully not annoying). Using these expressions simply adds an extra layer of hilarity for them—and who doesn’t like adding laughter into their day?

Whatever reason people use these funny ways to say bathroom, they have proven to be effective in communicating what the speaker means. They are just a fun way of saying something that may otherwise come across as embarrassing, disgusting, rude, or offensive.

Funny Ways to Say Going to the Bathroom

The following are some of the funniest ways to say going to the bathroom.

  1. I’m gonna take the Browns to the Super Bowl
  2. Drain my snake.
  3. Let my taco leak.
  4. Lay a gentleman’s egg.
  5. Lose a half pound.
  6. I need to hump out a deuce.
  7. I’m gonna make brown
  8. I’m heading to dook city
  9. Well, I’m off to my office
  10. Gotta blast a dookie
  11. Time to drop the bass
  12. Just going to curl one out
  13. I need to make a deposit
  14. I’m gonna drop a load of dookie
  15. Well, I’m off to work on my second shift
  16. Gotta take care of business
  17. Just heading to drain the snake
  18. Need to unload some cargo
  19. Drain the main vein
  20. Drop the kids off at the pool
  21. Hey, I’m gonna drop a thumper dumper be right back
  22. Unload some timber
  23. Let the turtles loose
  24. Slop some bum slugs
  25. Deploying the USS Brownfish
  26. Churn the dookie butter
  27. Unloose the caboose
  28. Building a log cabin
  29. Sit on the throne
  30. Lay a brick
  31. Fill the peanut butter jar
  32. Bake a loaf
  33. Blow mud
  34. Dirty bombing
  35. Dropping anchor
  36. Going number two
  37. Making sausage
  38. Releasing the Kraken
  39. Taking a seat on the porcelain throne
  40. Stocking the pond
  41. Rolling a nut log
  42. Seeing a man about a horse
  43. Making a deposit at the porcelain bank
  44. Dropping a biscuit in the basket
  45. Delivering a load
  46. Communing with nature
  47. Taking the brown acid
  48. Strap-on slinging
  49. Taking a dump
  50. Packin’ it in
  51. Tossing your cookies

Common Toilet Vocabulary and Phrases to Save Your Day

“Bathroom” is the most popular word for this room. It’s used in many countries, but it’s not always the same thing. For example, some bathrooms will only have showers and bathtubs in them. So, if you stay at someone’s house or visit somewhere new, make sure you know what they call their bathroom!

Shower room: A room with a shower and a toilet, but not a bathtub.

Restroom: This word is used mainly by Americans and Canadians because they think it sounds fancy. It means “toilet” or “small toilet.”

Washroom: You’ll hear this one more often than restroom because it sounds less formal than restroom does.

LavatoryMostly used in Britain when referring to public toilets. Some people also use this word to mean a bathroom in general; however, Americans will use it more formally.

Loo: Loo is generally used as British slang for bathroom or toilet. It comes from the French word for “water,” which is “eau.”

So, What Are Your Favorite Funny Ways to Say Going to the Bathroom

People are always coming up with fun, creative, and different ways to say bathroom. Most of these are just silly phrases that people use as a joke or to be funny. But, some of them can be used in everyday conversation too.

From the list compiled above and many other phrases we have not even listed, you can see that there are plenty of ways to say going to the bathroom. Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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