Does Poop Dissolve in Water? Everything You Need to Know

We’ve all been there. Making a poo that won’t flush is every person’s nightmare. You probably have some questions if you’ve ever been in an awkward bathroom situation. Does poop dissolve in water? How do you dissolve poop that won’t flush? These are all valid questions; we’ll answer them in this article so you know how to deal with this unpleasant situation.  

What Happens When Poop Comes in Contact with Water? 

Poop is basically undigested food that the small intestine cannot absorb. Human poop can vary in color, texture, and smell for many reasons. What happens when poop comes into contact with water?

Poop is mostly water and will break down and start to decompose when it comes into contact with water. The bacteria in water act as a catalyst for this process, breaking down the organic matter in human feces. 

Why Does My Poop Dissolve in Water? 

As mentioned above, human poop breaks down and decomposes when it comes into contact with water, a process helped along by the action of bacteria in the water. The water in the toilet bowl also softens the waste, making it easier for bacteria to break it down. 

It’s also important to note that poop is 75% water, which makes it easier for it to dissolve. That’s another reason why human feces easily break down in the water. As mentioned earlier, poop varies; sometimes, it’s too watery and mushy. 

This type of poop comprises extremely delicate pieces that fall apart as soon as they hit the water in the toilet bowl. A mushy stool can indicate an intestinal disorder or a poor diet. 

Dealing With Poop That Won’t Flush

Not all poop readily dissolves in water. Poop that doesn’t readily dissolve in water can be frustrating. No matter how many times you flush the toilet, the poop stays. So, how do you dissolve poop that won’t flush?

This problem is more common than you think. Luckily, there are simple solutions to dissolve the poop so it can be flushed down the toilet

  • Leave it to soften. The easiest way to deal with poop that won’t dissolve in water is to leave it in the bowl and flush it later after it’s softened. However, this method doesn’t always work, and most people are not comfortable leaving poop just floating in the toilet
  • Use chemicals. The most effective way to get rid of hard poop is to use chemicals to dissolve it and make it flushable. There are many products you can use to dissolve hard stools, some specially formulated for this purpose while others are DIY options. 

The Best Way to Dissolve Hard Poop

There are several chemicals you can use to dissolve poop quickly. For instance, bio-enzymatic liquids soften organic matter to make it flushable. Bio enzymes are designed for restaurant grease traps, but they are also quite effective in breaking hard stool down. 

You can also use DIY options such as vinegar and baking soda to dissolve poop that won’t flush. For this homemade solution to work, you will need one cup of baking soda, two cups of distilled vinegar, and a pot of hot water. 

Mix the vinegar with two cups of hot water. Pour the baking soda into the toilet bowl and chase it with the mixture of hot water and vinegar. Leave for about half an hour and then flush the toilet. The poop should be soft enough to go down the drain. 


There are instances where poop does not dissolve in water. Poop floating in the toilet bowl is never a pleasant sight. Luckily, there are simple, effective solutions to dissolve poop and make it flushable if you ever find yourself in this unpleasant situation. 

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