Eljer Whirlpool Tub Reviews: Everything You Need To Know About Jetted Tubs

Buying and installing a whirlpool tub is a big investment for any homeowner, so you want to be sure you are getting the best value for your money. Avoid buyer’s remorse in the bathtub by performing due diligence before making financial commitments. You can start by reading different Eljer whirlpool tub reviews.

Eljer is one of the most recognizable brands in the bathroom fixtures industry. If you are in the market for a whirlpool tub, you’ve probably come across an Eljer whirlpool tub. What are Eljer whirlpool tubs like? Are Eljer whirlpool tubs reliable? 

How long do whirlpool tubs last? What are the cons of a whirlpool bathtub? And more importantly, are Eljer whirlpool tubs worth the money? In this article, we’ll discuss the Eljer whirlpool tub reviews to help you decide if an Eljer whirlpool tub is the best fit for you and your space. 

We’ll also touch on specific Eljer whirlpool tub models, focussing on Eljer Cabrillo whirlpool tub reviews and Eljer Stratton whirlpool tub reviews. Read on. 

Eljer Whirlpool Tub: Key Features 

Eljer whirlpool tubs come with a range of features to make your life easier and more comfortable. The company offers a variety of whirlpool tub models with different features to meet the needs of various consumers. 

Key features you’ll find in most Eljer whirlpool tubs include: 

1. Adjustable Jets

The most important feature of a whirlpool tub is the jets. Most Eljer whirlpool tubs come equipped with at least 6-8 water jets. These jets are dispersed across the tub in various strategic locations to relax sore areas of the body through hydrotherapy.

Some Eljer whirlpool tubs feature adjustable jets. Adjustable jets allow you to point the nozzle in a specific direction to provide a relaxing bath experience. By adjusting the jets, you can direct the whirlpool action to any desired target area of the body. 

Some whirlpools have air jets alongside water jets. These diminutive air channels blow air instead of water to create a bubbly effervescence in the tub. The outcome is a more relaxing bubbling massage. 

2. Built-In Cleaning and Purge Cycle 

Your newly installed whirlpool tub is something you will use frequently, perhaps daily. Although you’ll typically drain the tub after every use, some cleaning maintenance is needed for the jet components.  

Eljer whirlpool tubs incorporate a purge or flush cycle where all pumps and blowers go on high speed for two to three minutes to remove residual water from the air jets. The automatic cleaning and purge cycle will go off 20 minutes after draining the tub. 

3. On/Off Switch 

Eljer whirlpool tubs feature an on/off switch, allowing you to turn the tub on and off at your convenience. Pressing this button will activate the motor that pumps water through the jets at high pressure to create the whirlpool experience.

4. Safety Features

Whirlpool tubs can pose some risks if you’re not careful. For instance, these jetted tubs are equipped with drains and pumps that can create a powerful suction. While modern tubs are designed to minimize the risk, it is possible for hair to get sucked in. 

Luckily, Eljer whirlpool tubs are equipped with certain safety features to mitigate these risks. When the whirlpool’s suction mechanism detects an obstruction, it switches the pump off until whatever is impeding flow is removed. 

And as far as safety goes, many Eljer whirlpool tubs have textured, slip-resistant bottoms and grab bars to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Walk-in tubs are also an option for those with mobility problems. 

5. Extra Features 

Eljer whirlpool tubs offer a range of extra features, from heated blowers to ambient underwater lighting to aromatherapy features. For the best comfort, others come with armrests and molded back support to allow users to recline. 

Eljer Whirlpool Tub: Top Models 

Eljer whirlpool tubs are available in several product ranges and models. Two of their most popular jetted tubs are the Eljer Cabrillo Whirlpool Tub and the Eljer Stratton Whirlpool Tub. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these Eljer whirlpool tubs individually. 

Eljer Cabrillo Whirlpool Tub

Eljer Cabrillo Whirlpool Tub is a luxury jetted tub with warm baths, ideal for spa-like relaxation in the comfort of your home. If the Eljer Cabrillo whirlpool tub reviews we’ve seen online are anything to go by, this is one of the best whirlpool tubs in the market. 

The Eljer Cabrillo Whirlpool Tub comes with eight adjustable jets. You can also adjust the water level for a more relaxing bath. It also has a large capacity, making it ideal for a family home. 


Here’s what most users like about the Eljer Cabrillo Whirlpool Tub: 

  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable features such as armrest and lumbar support
  • Durable fiberglass build
  • Easy to install


According to Eljer Cabrillo whirlpool tub reviews, here’s what most users don’t like about the Eljer Cabrillo Whirlpool Tub: 

  • Clogged water jets
  • Motor failure

Eljer Stratton Whirlpool Tub

When shopping for a whirlpool tub, you may come across the Eljer Stratton Whirlpool Tub. This luxurious jetted tub provides a soothing massage at the press of a button. According to many users, this product lives up to high expectations. 

With a patented mold-inhibiting pipe system, eight adjustable jets, and a minimalist design, the Eljer Stratton Whirlpool Tub is a top choice. 

What We Like

According to Eljer Stratton Whirlpool Tub reviews on the internet, most users seem to love the following about this product:

  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Automated self-cleaning
  • Generous size

What We Don’t Like

The Eljer Stratton Whirlpool Tub is not flawless. Here are a few things users don’t like about this product: 

  • Plumbing and maintenance issue
  • Faulty hot pump

How To Install an Eljer Whirlpool Tub

There are instructions on how to install an Eljer whirlpool tub in the package. An Eljer whirlpool tub is not overly difficult to install, but it can be a relatively time-consuming project if you are unprepared.

But if you don’t have any plumbing experience, you are better off getting professional help. Having your Eljer whirlpool tub installed professionally can help you avoid some costly problems down the line. 

How Do You Clean an Eljer Whirlpool Tub?

If you are wondering how to clean the Eljer whirlpool tub, don’t worry. They are pretty easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is fill your tub with hot water, two to three inches above the jets. Add a couple of teaspoons of a cleaning detergent, such as dishwashing machine detergent. 

Next, turn the air controls fully clockwise and off. Switch the tub on and let it run for about ten minutes. Most Eljer whirlpool tubs have a built-in, automated self-cleaning feature, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it. 

The Best Whirlpool Tubs in the Market

Apart from Eljer, there are other reliable whirlpool brands in the market. Keep in mind that American Standard and Eljer are the same company. According to Consumer Reports, these are some of the best whirlpool tubs on the market. 

  • ANZZI Left Drain Walk-In Whirlpool Massage Tub
  • Woodbridge Freestanding Whirlpool Tub
  • American Standard Whirlpool tub with Hydro Massage
  • DKB Dylan Jetted Whirlpool Tub in White
  • Woodbridge Whirlpool Freestanding Bathtub
  • ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub with Hydro Massage
  • Empava 59 in. Acrylic Alcove Whirlpool Bathtub

Whirlpool Baths Pros and Cons

Whirlpool tubs can be a great addition to your bathroom remodel. However, they also have some often-overlooked downsides. Let’s look at whirlpool baths pros and cons to help you get the full picture before you make a purchase. 


  • Whirlpool tubs are a great way to unwind
  • Whirlpool baths have some stress reduction benefits
  • Installing a whirlpool tub can improve the value of your home 
  • Whirlpool baths have shown therapeutic benefits for some conditions


  • Whirlpool tubs can be expensive to purchase and install
  • Installing a whirlpool bath in your bathroom may increase utility costs
  • Jetted tubs often require regular cleaning and maintenance

Are Whirlpool Tubs Out of Style?

There are conflicting opinions on whether or not whirlpool tubs are antiquated. However, many homeowners seem to enjoy having one of these in their bathroom space. From the health benefits of relaxation to increased home value, whirlpool baths have clear benefits for homeowners. 

The proponents of this idea express concerns about plumbing and maintenance issues associated with whirlpool baths. But if you invest in a quality tub from a reputable company, plumbing and maintenance won’t be an issue. 

Whirlpool Tub Vs. Jacuzzi Tub

What is the difference between a whirlpool tub and a jacuzzi tub? A whirlpool tub and a jacuzzi tub are basically the same things. Jacuzzi is simply a brand name. However, ‘Jacuzzi’ is often used to describe any jetted tub, including whirlpools.

Final Verdict

Eljer has been a leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures in America for decades. Eljer whirlpool tubs are among the best in the industry. When you buy an Eljer whirlpool tub, you know you are getting a quality product. 

Buying and installing an Eljer whirlpool tub in your bathroom can bring a hefty cost. You need to be sure you are getting your money’s worth. We hope this article has helped you make an informed purchase that works for your wallet and allows you to have the bathroom of your dreams. 

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