Kohler Almond Vs Biscuit: What’s The Difference Between These Bathroom Colors?

If you’re looking for a quick way to breathe new life into your bathroom, try a fresh coat of paint. It’ll only take a gallon or two of paint and a few hours. In fact, the hardest part is choosing the right color to paint your powder room. So, what bathroom color should you choose for your bathroom? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the classic vivid white shade. But if you’re looking for something more in tune with the times, kohler almond vs biscuit are all the rage right now. 

You may want to create a soothing, restorative ambiance in your bathroom. You may want something that complements your bathroom fixtures, such as your Kohler Biscuit toilet. Whatever your style, these two colors are sure to transform your powder room.

Kohler Biscuit Vs Almond

But before you decide on these trendy bathroom colors for your powder room, you need to understand how they differ from one another. What is the difference between Kohler biscuit and Almond? Read on to find out.  

What Color Is Kohler Biscuit?

One of the most popular Kohler fixture colors is Biscuit. You may have one of those Kohler biscuit toilets in your bathroom and probably don’t even know what it’s called. 

Like other bathroom fixture manufacturers, Kohler’s color range can be confusing.

What color is Kohler biscuit exactly? Kohler biscuit is a creamy color with a little yellow undertone. To the uninitiated observer, Kohler biscuit may even look like a shade of white. But it’s not any shade of white.

If anything, Kohler biscuit is more beige-like than white. Think of an attenuated lace or pear. Kohler Biscuit can be found in many categories of bathroom fixtures from the manufacturer, including the Kohler biscuit toilet.

What Color Is Kohler Almond?

What is Kohler almond? As the name suggests, the Kohler Almond resembles the color of an almond. Kohler almond is a creamy shade of light brown. It’s lighter than tan, brighter than beige, and weightier than ivory.

Kohler almond is an almost neutral tone that only looks like the color because of its saturation levels. We may refer to this color as Kohler almond, but other bathroom fixture manufacturers offer their products in this color.

Kohler Toilet: Biscuit Vs Almond

When choosing a Kohler toilet or any other bathroom fixture for your home, you’ll often face the Kohler toilet Biscuit vs Almond dilemma. Understanding the difference between Kohler Biscuit and Almond will help you make a better choice for your bathroom.

As bathroom paint and fixture colors, Kohler Biscuit and Almond differ from each other in several aspects. These include:


In color theory, hue refers to the dominant shade our eyes see when we look at the color. Biscuit and Almond are different hues — or colors. The latter is a shade of light brown, while the former is creamy vivid yellow.

To an untrained eye, Kohler Biscuit and Almond may not look so much different. However, these slight color variations can make all the difference in your bathroom design.


Saturation refers to the intensity of color. The color appears to be more intense as saturation increases and more washed-out or pale as it decreases. Kohler Biscuit and Almond vary significantly depending on surrounding and intensity levels.

Kohler Biscuit ranges from washed out to saturated shades, while Almond is a fairly low-intensity color for bathroom fixtures.


Another key difference between Kohler Biscuit and Almond is the undertone. Color undertones are subtle differences in shades. Kohler Biscuit has an undertone with hints of yellow — with some bit of beige and orange in its palette.

On the other hand, Almond is a soft, shaded, light brown with a green undertone. Pay attention to these differences when choosing a bathroom or fixture color.

Is Kohler Biscuit the Same as Almond?

There are a few differences between Kohler biscuit and Almond. For starters, they are distinct colors. That’s the main difference between Kohler biscuit and Almond. Almond is a brighter shade of yellow and darker than the Biscuit.

Biscuit has a slight yellow in it, but it’s more of a beige tone. The warmer undertone in the Kohler Biscuit color is used to convey warmth in design. On the other hand, Kohler Almond emphasizes tranquility, formality, and neutrality.

How Can I Tell What Color My Toilet Is?

The primary reason bathroom fixture colors are confusing for so many people is that manufacturers have unique names for them, despite being essentially the same colors.

For instance, Kohler’s Biscuit is identical to American Standard’s Linen. Similarly, Kohler’s Almond is identical to American Standard’s Bone. Visit the company’s website and take a look at their unique color charts for more information about bathroom fixture colors.

Kohler Biscuit Toilet vs Almond Toilets: Features

Kohler toilets can be Biscuit or Almond. Kohler toilets can have the same or different features regardless of color. The choice between Kohler Biscuit toilets vs Kohler Almond toilets often boils down to design and aesthetics.

In this section, we walk you through the key aspects of Kohler Biscuit toilets vs Kohler Almond toilets to help you differentiate between the two Kohler toilets.

Design and Shape

Kohler toilets are available in one-piece or two-piece configurations. The former combines the tank and the toilet into a single structure. Due to their seamless design, one-piece Kohler Biscuit and Almond toilets take less space and are easier to clean.

You may also notice a difference in the shape of the toilet bowl when looking at Kohler Biscuit toilets vs Kohler Almond toilets. Kohler toilets come in round or elongated designs. Round toilets are more compact, while elongated designs provide more legroom and comfort.


Most Kohler toilets, including Kohler Biscuit and Almond units, use DryLock Fast Install System, which makes installation straightforward. The user’s handbook included in the delivery package comes in handy for additional instructions.

Installing a Kohler Biscuit toilet or Kohler Almond toilet should be fine, even if you don’t have any plumbing experience. You don’t need to call a handyperson or a plumber to help install one of these units.

Flushing and Water Consumption

Kohler toilets are known for having very efficient flushing, though the flushing mechanism may vary from one model to another. Regardless of the flushing technology, both Kohler Biscuit toilets and Kohler Almond toilets provide consistent flushing power.

You should expect your Kohler Biscuit or Almond toilet to remove all the contents in the toilet bowl in a single flush. Most models also feature a dual flushing mechanism to save water.

Final Thoughts On Kohler Almond Vs Biscuit

Naturally, the color of your bathroom sets the tone for the entire space, so you want to get it right. Kohler Almond and Biscuit are solid options that bring new life to your bathroom. Both options are subtle, elegant, and easy to combine with other colors.

By understanding the difference between Kohler Almond and Biscuit, you can easily use them to define the style of your bathroom space. We hope the information in this article can help you decide between the Kohler Almond and Biscuit toilets or bathroom colors.

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