Never Too Late: The Ultimate Diaper Training for Adults Guide

There are several reasons why diaper training for adults may be necessary, one of them being incontinence. This can include both urine and fecal incontinence. Additionally, individuals may choose to use adult diapers due to frequency or urgency issues that often lead to frequent accidents. However, it is essential to discuss these issues with a doctor before you think of a solution.

While some individuals may assume that using an adult diaper simply involves putting on a diaper and using it whenever necessary, this is far from the truth. This technique can be challenging to master, particularly when starting out.

Fortunately, this guide to diaper training for adults can assist individuals in learning and practicing this skill.

How to Diaper Train Yourself

If you have one of the problems mentioned above and need to start using adult diapers, you may wonder how to train yourself to use them properly. While peeing or having a bowel movement in a diaper may come naturally to a child, it can be challenging for adults to relax and complete the process while wearing a diaper.

Therefore, you may be curious about how to train yourself to use adult diapers effectively. How do you train yourself to pee in a diaper?

1. Wear the Diaper 24/7

When it comes to diaper training for adults, one obstacle that you may need to overcome is adjusting to wearing the diaper. If the reason for wearing the diaper is medical, such as urinary incontinence, then it may be necessary to wear the diaper constantly to prevent accidents. This means transitioning from not wearing a diaper to wearing it 24/7.

In addition to getting used to the feeling of wearing a diaper, you must also learn how to relax and allow yourself to urinate in the diaper instead of subconsciously attempting to make it to the restroom. This may be challenging, and you may occasionally find yourself rushing to the restroom and even straining in the process.

It is vital to remain patient with yourself and acknowledge that mastering this skill will take practice and time.

2. Learn to Weaken Your Bladder Muscles

Apart from medical reasons, other situations may lead to wearing adult diapers. In such cases, your bladder muscles may be functioning correctly, but you still require the use of diapers. To address this issue, you may need to learn how to weaken your bladder muscles by avoiding holding in urine.

You’re encouraged to release the urine without holding back whenever the urge to urinate arises. Since you are already wearing a diaper, there is no need to restrain yourself. Consistently doing this will gradually weaken the bladder muscles over time, making it difficult to hold in urine completely.

In effect, this process can be viewed as un potty training yourself since the bladder becomes physically incapable of retaining urine, and it ultimately ends up in the diaper.

Note that this process is reversible, so you don’t need to stress about it. But you’ll have to potty train yourself afresh.

Types of Adult Diapers

In terms of adult diapers, there are several types that you can choose from. It is important to consider various factors such as your lifestyle, level of incontinence, amount of leakage, and body shape/size when deciding which type to purchase. The most popular types of adult diapers are as follows:


Briefs are a common type of adult diapers that feature tabs on either side. They come in different variations, such as refasten able, non-refasten-able, plastic backing, cloth-like backing, day-use, and overnight briefs.

Briefs are ideal for individuals with odd-shaped legs, including those with small or large thighs. They fit snugly around the legs and offer a secure fit.


Pull-ups are a different type of adult diaper resembling underwear and not featuring tabs. This type of product is suitable for individuals who do not require assistance with putting on their diapers and can be easily removed and replaced.

Reusable Diapers

Reusable adult diapers are made from cloth-like materials and can be washed and reused like regular clothing. They are available in various absorbency levels, from light incontinence to heavy incontinence. Although reusable diapers are more expensive than disposable options, they become more cost-effective over time as they can be used repeatedly.

Can You Become Dependent on Diapers?

Yes, you can become dependent on diapers. As mentioned earlier, adults use diapers for various reasons, including medical, recreational, security, comfort, and emotional support, among other reasons. You’ll know that you’re dependent on diapers when:

  1. You’re constantly thinking about diapers and putting on diapers, even though you don’t need them 
  2. Wearing diapers is affecting your daily life and relationships, and you find yourself doing more diaper-related activities while ignoring other important roles.

If you see these signs or suspect that you are addicted to diapers, then you need to seek help. A therapist can help you deal with the emotions associated with diaper-wearing so that you can use it correctly.

How Many Hours Can a Diaper Be Used for Adults?

Different types of diapers come with varying levels of absorbency that affect how long you can stay with one. The amount and frequency of leakage you produce will also determine how long you can stay with a particular diaper. On average, good-quality diapers should last 6 to 8 hours, while low-quality ones should take you up to 2- 4 hours.

How to Use Adult Diapers

Just like baby diapers, adult diapers are worn differently depending on how they are made.

For pull-ups: 

1. choose a diaper that fits your shape and size, and wear it slowly, just like regular pants. 

2. Make sure the leak guards are adjusted around the thighs to avoid leakage. 

For tape diapers: 

1. Choose the appropriate diaper size 

2. Fold the diaper lengthwise, ensuring no creases are formed 

3. Ensure you don’t touch the inside of the diaper, as this may contaminate it 

4. Hold the diaper with the non-taped side facing the front 

5. Spread your legs a little and pass the diaper between your thighs, starting from front to back 

6. Adjust correctly, ensuring you have placed the wetness indicator parallel to the spine 

7. Stick the tape upwards on the lower side of the diaper and downwards on the upper side to get an excellent grip 

8. For more comfort and also to avoid leaks, ensure you adjust the diaper edges and leak guards

Final Thoughts on Diaper Training for Adults 

Adult diaper training might sound straightforward, but it’s not. You’ll have to train yourself to stay with diapers on for a long time and also learn to let go of your shit in the diaper as opposed to rushing to the toilet. 

Start by choosing the right adult diaper for your needs and learning how to use them. Remember to give yourself a lot of grace and take it slow until you’re comfortable using the diaper as your toilet. 

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