Toilet Water Splashed in My Eye. What Should I Do?

Don’t laugh; this is serious! So, you’ve just released a bomb-like turd, and you try flushing it down the toilet, but it leaves some marks on the toilet bowl. You take a toilet brush to clean it off because if you don’t, it can dry out and become quite sticky and hard to remove. As you are cleaning, the dirty toilet water splashes in your eye. What would you do?

Toilet water splashing in your eye is among the most disgusting things to ever happen to you. The situation is even worse if the toilet is dirty. But is there anything to worry about? Can toilet water splash in your eye cause an eye infection? Let’s learn.

What Happens if Toilet Water Splashes in Your Eye?

Toilet water splashing in any part of the body may not be a big deal and anything to worry about. But this experience can create a very serious eye infection if the water goes straight into your eyes. That is why you must act fast to ensure that you wash the affected eye and prevent all the bacteria and viruses from spreading further. 

What to Do if Toilet Water Splashes in Your Eye

If you accidentally splash toilet water in your eye, the first thing would be to wash your eye thoroughly to avoid an infection. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Run to the sink and cup your hand under running water. Of course, make sure your hands are super clean before doing this. If they’re not, wash them thoroughly with soap and water. So, you’ll basically soak your eye in water in the cupped hand as the water continues running. Keep blinking and rolling your eye around to ensure its thoroughly cleaned. Do this for like 10 seconds.
  2. Stand in your shower and allow gentle, warm water to run down your forehead and into your eyes. Make sure the water pressure is low, and hold your eyelids open as you run water over your eyes.
  3. You can also lay your head down on one side under a lightly running faucet. Hold the lids of the affected eye to keep it up as you run water over it. 

Simply Rinse, Don’t Rub!

The first instinct when something enters your eye is to rub the eye. But it’s advisable not to do so in this case. This is because rubbing your eyes will push the bacteria and germs further in your eye. Also, in case the water splash brought some solid stuff into your eyes, rubbing them could scrape the eye’s protective membrane and even your iris. 

Be careful not to use any chemicals, soap, or anything when washing the eye unless a doctor advises it. You might end up doing more harm to your eye, so refrain from the urge to use anything, including any eye drops. 

The only thing you should do is rinse your eye with clean, safe water. This should remove every dirt in your eye without hurting it. 

Signs of an Eye Infection

After rinsing your eye with clean water, it’s good to look out for any symptoms of eye infection

See a doctor if you experience the below signs:

  • Teary eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Burning or pain
  • Feeling like there’s some dirt in your eye
  • Discharge from the eye
  • Dried discharge around the eye
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Pinkness in the white of the eyes
  • Swollen eyelid

Toilet Water Splashed in My Eye FAQs

Can You Get an Eye Infection From Water?

Dirty water getting into your eye could cause stinging, itching, and redness. This is because the bacteria, viruses, or foreign substances found in the dirty water come into contact with your fragile eye tissues and possibly cause an infection. 

The most common toilet water splash back disease is conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. You will know that you have this infection when there’s redness and a discharge from the eye.

Can Water Damage Your Vision?

Flushing your eyes with water for 5–10 seconds may cause a little irritation but is not a major cause for concern. However, putting your eyes under water for 30 minutes could damage it. Too much chlorine, salt, and wrong PH could break down, eventually erasing the protective layer on your eye and harming the corneal epithelium. At this point, an infection is more likely!

Can You Catch Something From Toilet Water Splashing on You?

Toilets harbor different bugs, including E. coli, Hepatitis A, Streptococcus, Colds, Staph, and Shigella. However, toilet water splashing on you will not be a concern, especially if the water falls on bare skin. You need to wash the area thoroughly with water and soap, and you’ll be good to go. 

There are certain areas you need to be careful about if toilet water splashes in them. If the water splashed in the mouth or eyes, for instance, thoroughly rinse the area and visit a doctor to see if there’s anything to worry about.

Final Thoughts on “Toilet Water Splashed in My Eye”

Toilet water splash has happened to a good number of us. Maybe you were doing number two, and a big turd came out that splashed water down there. Or you were cleaning the toilet with a bristled toilet brush, and some water jumped up into your mouth or eyes. In the first case, there is nothing to worry about. Simply wash your bum with enough water and soap, and you will be fine. In the case of toilet water splashing in your mouth or eye, it’s advisable to call your healthcare provider for further instructions after the wash-up. This is because these two are sensitive areas, and may catch a serious infection without you knowing.   

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