What is the Ideal Rain Shower Head Distance from Wall?

A rain shower head is an excellent addition whether you want to change or upgrade your existing bathroom shower. This spectacular bathroom addition is luxurious and offers a spa-like showering experience compared to a regular shower. With their numerous tiny holes, these fixtures provide a rain-like showering experience by delivering a steady water flow. But, to enjoy all the benefits that come with it, you must consider the ideal rain shower head distance from the wall.

This article answers most questions about rain shower head placement. Read on!

Are Rainfall Shower Heads Worth It?

Rain showers offer numerous advantages over regular showers. If you still need convincing whether to get this bathroom fixture or not, here are some reasons to persuade you.

They Offer Full Body Coverage

Most of us aspire to have a spa-like showering experience at home. Rainfall showers have many nozzles, making the water spread over a large area. They are able to maintain a steady water pressure flow that makes showering a pleasure. 

With a rain shower, you only need to stand under a shower and turn it on. You don’t need to move around to get water to your entire body. 

Simple Installation

Rainfall shower heads are extremely versatile in terms of installation. They can be fitted on walls or ceilings! Rain showers are more challenging to install than standard shower heads, but the former comes with all the equipment needed for installation. You have to read the instructions carefully, and you’ll be good to go.

Aesthetic Design

Installing a rain shower can be a simple way to upgrade your bathroom and make it look more elegant and modern. In fact, rain shower heads quickly add value and elegance to a bathroom. Showers such as the Lanhado 8″ Matte Black Shower Head with three spray modes, anticlog silicone nozzles, and a stainless steel hose add exceptional style to any bathroom space. 

What Is the Difference Between a Rain Shower Head and a Regular Shower Head?

A rain showerhead is an upgraded version of the normal, traditional showerhead. If you’re stuck between the two and don’t know which one to go for, here are some differences to help you choose.


A rain showerhead is comparatively wider than the normal showerheads. The wider sizes make it possible for your entire body to be covered with water when standing under the shower.

This can also be a disadvantage to the people with a small bathroom. Individuals with tiny bathrooms are likely to experience a flood every time they take a shower. Rain shower heads also require a large installation area and are only ideal for bigger bathrooms.


A rain shower comes at a higher price compared to a regular shower head, and that’s expected considering all the benefits and elegance it comes with.

This is a deal breaker for people who would love to experience the relaxation and spa-like showering that comes with having a rain shower, but they don’t have a budget for it.

Not to worry because there are some affordable rain showerheads you can choose from.


While both rain and regular showerheads are used for the same purpose, rain showerheads are elegant and add a certain kind of beauty to your bathroom that is profoundly different.

A regular showerhead will do the work but will offer your bathroom a plain, traditional look. It doesn’t provide that wow feeling when showering.

Where Should a Rain Shower Head Be Placed?

Traditionally, rain showers are ceiling-mounted to enable you to enjoy that rainfall effect fully. But, rerouting pipes to allow this setup is a more tedious process. Also, the ceiling in your bathroom has to be high enough to allow you enough mounting room. 

The rising popularity of this fixture means more and more brands are now offering wall-mounted versions, which allow you to use existing vertical pipes at the back wall of the shower. You can also install a 90-degree shower arm, which means the shower head will still be flat above your head.

In the end, where you place your rain shower will depend on whether you’re installing your rain shower from the ceiling or wall. You’ll also have to consider the shower stall size and the height of the tallest person in your house. 

How Far Should a Rain Shower Head Be From the Wall?

So, how far should a rain shower head be from the wall? This question is necessary when installing a rain shower head. After all, having a shower head too close to the wall will make the water flow to be too intense or overly concentrated in one area. 

Conversely, having the shower mounted too far will make the water flow to be too scattered. Generally speaking, the wrong distance of the rain shower head from the wall can lead to a distressing showering experience.

Having said that, the correct rain shower head from a wall distance will greatly depend on the size of the bathroom. The standard distance is generally 1.5 to 2.5 feet away. But you can just spin the shower head to see how far apart it needs to be from the wall.

Make sure the showerhead is positioned centrally to give enough space to stand comfortably without pressing yourself against the wall. 

How Far Should a Shower Head Be From Your Head?

We have seen the correct distance from the wall to the showerhead, but how high should a rain shower be from your head? 

According to experts, many showerheads are placed about 80 inches high above the bathroom floor. While this dimension is ideal for people with standard heights, other showerhead heights cater to people taller than 6’6″. So, you’ll find showers that are 96 inches tall and others that fall to 72 inches high. 

In the end, whatever size you choose will depend on the needs of your home occupants and the layout and size of your shower. You’ll find that some people prefer a high shower head for a more relaxing shower experience, while others prefer a lower one for a more vigorous water flow. 

If you need more clarification about the right height for your rain shower head, a professional plumber can come in handy to help you choose the ideal one for you based on your needs and preferences. 

ProTip: Choose a height that allows for greater coverage and one that allows you free body movement without hitting your bathroom fittings. 

Final Thoughts on the Ideal Rain Shower Head Distance from Wall?

A rain shower will make you feel like you’re having a spa treatment every time you take a shower. But, for you to enjoy this rejuvenating, calming, and luxurious treatment. You need to know the proper placement of the rain shower head to avoid tight turns and other problems you might experience whenever you want to shower. We hope the above write-up has helped you choose the correct distance for your shower head from the wall and ceiling. 

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