Why Put a Cup under Toilet Seat at Night

The internet is full of images of a red cup or an empty roll of toilet paper placed under a toilet seat. While these images are often advertisement clickbait, they do an excellent job piquing people’s curiosity. Many people are left wondering, why put a cup under the toilet seat at night? Mostly, the cup is placed up-side down to hold the seat perfectly. We will discuss a few reasons why this is done.

Reasons Why a Cup is placed under the Toilet Seat at Night

There are quite a number of reasons why you should put a cup under your toilet seat at night. They include:

As a Security Measure

While it may seem like an odd measure, placing a cup under your toilet seat at night can be a great security measure. At night, when someone accesses your bathroom, they will probably knock off the cup. This will ultimately wake you up and give you time to investigate what is happening.

If the person is a family member, there is no cause for alarm. All you have to do is return the cup and go back to sleep. A stranger will knock off the cup, slamming the toilet seat hard and loud enough to wake you up.

If it’s not a family member who has come into your room, then you must take the necessary measures to ensure your safety isn’t compromised.

Prevent Snakes, Alligators, and Crawlers from Getting into the House Through the Sewer System

People living near game parks, bushes, lakes, rivers, and streams risk unwanted creatures appearing in their homes. How animals like snakes access homes include by way of sewer systems that end up giving entrance via the toilet.

To avoid this, especially at night, all one has to do is put an upside-down cup under the toilet seat each night before bedtime. The concept behind using a solo cup to prop the toilet seat is that a creature which tries to get to the restroom this way will likely knock the cup down on their way out.

The toilet seat will then slam back hard enough for the homeowner to wake up. Not only will they be alerted to what is entering the house, but they’ll also have time to assess what type of creature it is and take necessary action.

To Know When the Elderly is Using the Toilet and Help if Necessary

If you have an elderly family member living with you, putting a cup under their toilet seat at night may be helpful. This way, if they need to use the restroom in the middle of the night, you’ll be able to hear them and can offer assistance if required. Some of the conditions that might make the elderly need help while in the bathroom include:

  • Stroke: Strokes can be deadly, especially in the bathroom where no one is near to offer help. A stroke often leaves the patient immobile for some time. This makes it difficult for them to get on or off the toilet seat.
  • Incontinence: Incontinence comes in many forms. They include urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, coughing incontinence, laughing incontinence (from drinking too much), etc. The patient is unable to take care of themselves without your help.
  • Parkinson’s disease: If your family member has Parkinson’s disease, they may have tremors, making it difficult for them to control urination. This could lead to accidents when they are trying to use the bathroom.

Even if your elderly is not confined to bed, you should still monitor when they go to the bathroom and offer assistance whenever possible.

To Act as a Reminder to Sick Relatives Who need to Monitor their Urine

If you have elderly or sick relatives who need to monitor their urine output, putting a cup under the toilet seat at night can serve as a reminder. Simply place the cup upside down on the toilet seat before going to bed. In the morning, if there is urine in the cup, they will know to record it.

This method can help ensure that they keep track of their output and stay hydrated.

Conditions that often need to be monitored include diabetes, bladder infections, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, prostate enlargement (in men), and other conditions that might increase urine production.

When an Empty Toilet Paper Roll is Placed Instead of a Cup

This is quite common in public toilets, restaurants, hotels, and even in a household with many members. But, why put empty toilet paper roll under toilet seat? An empty toilet paper roll cautions the next user that no more toilet paper is left on the holder. Starting your business without toilet paper can be embarrassing, so it’s always wise to check the bathroom before you go on.

Is it Bad to Place a Cup under Your Toilet Seat at Night?

No, placing a cup under your toilet seat at night is not bad. On the contrary, placing a cup under your toilet seat before you go to bed is actually good for you. This is because it helps keep you alert during the night. In case of any movement in your bathroom, the cup will be knocked off, making the toilet seat slam back loudly. Consequently, it will be waking you up and reminding you that there’s someone or something else in your house.

What Type of Cup Can I Place Under the Toilet Seat?

One type of cup you can place under the toilet seat is an empty plastic cup, most probably a party cup since it is inexpensive. You may also improvise and use any other item capable of holding the toilet seat. For example, an empty toilet paper roll, an old tissue box, or a plastic storage container.

Key Takeaway

So, why put a cup under toilet seat at night? The red cup under toilet seat at night hack can help you be alert to what is happening in the bathroom at night. This DIY hack will keep your family safe; from notifying you about intruders to knowing when to help the elderly relieve themselves.

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