Is a Mobile Home Toilet Different from A Regular Toilet?

The toilet is among the most challenging home fixtures to purchase. That’s because there are thousands of types and styles to choose from and many brands to peruse to find the best model for your needs. The decision will be even more challenging if you plan to move into a mobile home. You might wonder if a mobile home toilet differs from one found in standard homes. After all, mobile homes are constructed differently from regular homes, and so it only makes sense that toilets in the two homes would be different. But are they? Let’s find out. 

Do Mobile Homes Have Toilets?

Yes, mobile homes (homes built in a factory, transported to the site, and erected as permanent dwellings) have similar plumbing systems as regular homes. They are connected to the electrical grid, sewage, and water the same way as site-built houses. They have indoor plumbing fixtures like showers, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs. 

However, the plumbing system in mobile homes may be a bit different from that in regular site-built homes. For instance, the water heater in mobile homes may be smaller, and the pipes are plastic instead of copper. 

Are Mobile Home Toilets Different?

Before answering this question, let’s try to understand the origin of mobile homes. Basically, the name mobile home was used to describe structures erected before June 15, 1976, constructed on a permanent chassis, and designed to be used with or without a solid foundation. Prior to this date, mobile homes were not under any particular regulation. That means some mobile homes were constructed to code while others weren’t. 

After June 1976’s federal regulations, mobile homes were regulated just like standard homes. Most people argue that mobile homes are similar to modern-day manufactured homes (structures built after June 15, 1976). 

Though slightly different, the regulation meant that much of the electrical and plumbing done in mobile/manufactured homes would use similar specifications as those in a standard home. 

That means that manufactured/ mobile home toilets are most likely the same as standard home toilets. 

Do Mobile Homes Need Special Toilets?

We have mentioned above that mobile homes can use more or less the same toilets as those used in standard toilets. 

But mobile homes are relatively small and come in different types and sizes. With this in mind, you might be wondering if a regular toilet can fit in a manufactured/mobile home. Because of the 1976 building regulations, the parts and plumbing needed to make a mobile home toilet are similar to those needed for a standard home toilet. 

Therefore, mobile homes that follow the set standard building regulations can use most toilets. Though not common, you might find some toilets that are too big or require different parts to match the home’s plumbing. 

So, make sure you take clear dimensions of your bathroom so you don’t end up buying a toilet that is too big for your space. 

How to Choose the Best Toilet for Mobile Home

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best toilet for your mobile home. Here are some of them.

Bathroom Size

Mobile homes are relatively small, so space is a factor when deciding which toilet to buy. So, consider the size and the fact that these homes will be moving around a lot. Ensure you take the rough-in dimension to allow you to pick the perfect toilet. If the gravity flush or standard toilets are not a good fit, be sure to check out other alternatives.

Also, toilets come in both elongated and round sizes. And while elongated toilets can be more comfortable, especially for larger people, round toilets occupy less space. 

Consider round toilets if space is an issue. A corner toilet is also perfect for smaller bathrooms.


Just like the size, consider a toilet that is lightweight enough to serve the needs of a mobile home. Ensure you choose the correct weight and that the flooring can carry it.  

Water Usage

Mobile homes may not have access to water all the time. They also use a holding tank instead of a toilet tank to store wastewater. It is important that you choose a toilet that utilizes water efficiently. Go for ones with dual-flush or low water usage options that allow you to use less water per flush. 

Maintenance Requirements

Of course, all toilets require some level of regular maintenance and cleaning, but some may require these services more frequently. So, consider your willingness and ability to perform tasks such as emptying composting toilets, and cleaning. 


Price is another factor you’ll have to consider when choosing your mobile home toilet. Standard toilets are more affordable while incinerating and composting toilets are expensive due to their distinctive use and features. 

Can I Flush Toilet Paper in a Mobile Home?

Yes, there is no harm in flushing toilet paper in your mobile home toilet. However, ensure you use quick-dissolving toilet paper that won’t clog your plumbing system. Go for toilet paper labeled as RV-safe or septic-safe. 

Mobile home septic systems are somewhat delicate, so you must be extra careful with what you flush down there. 

Where Does Toilet Water Go from the Mobile Home?

A mobile home has a holding tank that stores wastewater from the toilet, which is pumped out when it becomes full. Depending on the plumbing, the wastewater can also end up in the sewer or septic tank. 

In cases where the plumbing system of the mobile home is connected to a septic tank or municipal sewer, the toilet water will travel through the pipes and get treated at the designated municipal wastewater treatment facility. 

How Do You Unclog a Toilet in a Mobile Home?

No matter how careful you try to be, you might find yourself with a clogged mobile home toilet. So, how do you unclog a toilet in a mobile home? Here are some of the things you can use.

Natural Cleaner

Natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda can help you to unclog your toilet successfully. Simply pour one cup of each ingredient into the toilet bowl and let the mixture sit for a few hours or even overnight. Thereafter, pour boiling water down the drain to unclog it. 


A plunger is known to be an effective tool for unclogging toilets. To use a plunger to unblock your toilet, place it over the toilet and begin to pump up and down forcefully to create a suction that will eventually help to eject the clog. 

Plumbing Snake

If the above method of using a plunger doesn’t work, you can try using a plumbing snake to dislodge the clog. Insert the equipment into the bowl and slowly push it through the plumbing pipes, rotating it as you move. When you get to the clog, twist the snake clockwise to dislodge it, remove it, and finally flush the toilet. 

Can You Put a Regular Toilet in a Mobile Home?

Both regular and mobile homes can utilize the same toilet. However, the plumbing differences and the size of manufactured homes mean you’ll need a smaller toilet size.

Even so, every manufactured/ mobile home fabricated after 1976 has a regular toilet. This is because, after 1976, both manufactured and regular toilets were subjected to the same housing laws. That meant that despite the different installation methods, a manufactured house’s plumbing and electrical works were the same as those of a regular house.

The only difference you’ll notice between regular and mobile home toilets is size and shape. Because of their space-saving characteristics, you will mostly find round and corner toilets in mobile homes. 

How Do Mobile Home Toilets Work?

Mobile home toilets have the same components as those found in site-built homes. They look like regular toilets and work just like your normal toilet. The only difference is that your waste is stored in the holding tank. When the holding tank is full, you remove it and pour the contents down in a regular public toilet. 

There are some models that come with a hidden water tank, so you just flush, while others have mini tanks.

Final Thoughts on Mobile Home Toilet

Do you plan on buying a mobile home and wondering if the plumbing system is similar to that of standard homes? We hope this text has answered your question. 

You’re probably happy to know that as long as your mobile home was built after 1976, then it will use the same toilet as a regular toilet. Before you install a new toilet, make sure you measure the rough in so that you can purchase the perfect toilet for your space. 

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